Get started after graduating,
locally and worldwide

One company, four continents, various career opportunities worldwide – if you want to make a difference, RKW makes it easy for you to get started. Launch your career by immediately joining RKW or signing up for the trainee program.

Launch your career immediately

Have you already gained some initial practical experience? Do you like solving problems – preferably as part of a team? Are you flexible? Do you pack your case when international duty calls? Then you are in the right place. To make sure that you feel at home at RKW and can soon use and develop your skills independently, you can expect the following:

  • An induction plan tailored to your needs.
  • Unreserved support from colleagues.
  • Focused development and constant feedback from your managers.

RKW international: Worldwide opportunities

You will not only be able to use your talent and knowledge in your native land. RKW has locations in several European countries and in Africa, Asia, and the USA. Gaining experience abroad is not only possible, but actively encouraged. It helps to develop a vibrant network of young professionals who work together to shape our future success.

Launch your career at RKW immediately after graduating:

Gain experience as a trainee

Selected graduates have the opportunity to get to know RKW as part of our trainee program. The individual stations optimally prepare you for your later position at RKW. At the same time, you will familiarize yourself with the whole of RKW and find out where your individual strengths lie and in which role you will be most successful in the long term.

We offer you:

  • A high-caliber two-year trainee program (with a focus on controlling/finance, HR, operational excellence, purchasing, marketing/sales, or R&D).
  • The chance to work at up to four RKW locations, one of which will be abroad.
  • The opportunity to take on responsibility.
  • An experienced colleague to act as a mentor at your place of work.
  • An attractive starting salary.
  • Support with finding a place to live.

If this sounds like you, then you are a perfect match for RKW:

  • You have graduated from university with a degree.
  • You have gained initial experience in an industrial setting through internships.
  • You speak fluent English – every additional foreign language is also advantageous.
  • You enjoy intercultural collaboration and are internationally mobile.
  • You are a team player.
  • You possess social and intercultural skills.

Forge optimal career opportunities immediately after graduating:


As a trainee, you can establish
a network at RKW that will provide you with optimal support in your career.