Gain practical experience
while studying

What you can’t learn in the classroom, you can do at RKW. You will acquire practical experience in management, marketing, or production, gain an insight into materials and markets – and get that strong feeling of creating something as part of a team and taking on responsibility for your own tasks.

Enough theory? Time for an internship

If you have successfully completed the basic modules of your degree, you can come to us and get to know the wide-ranging disciplines and networks of a global player. You will apply your theoretical knowledge in specific practical tasks.

An internship at RKW: the essential facts

  • Duration: Generally between 3 and 12 months.
  • Fields: Commercial and technical (depending on location).
  • Our promise: You will have a named contact person and will be actively involved in the team.

If you wish to seize the opportunity, convince us with your application!

In the thick of it – as a working student

Get a taste of working life and gain experience – while developing both on a personal and professional level. As a working student at RKW, you can discover your strengths and build on them. We are growing internationally and you can expect many different opportunities and interesting insights as you take your first career steps.

The working student approach at RKW:

  • Working hours: Part-time during lecture periods, full-time during vacation periods.
  • Remuneration: You will be paid a fixed salary.
  • Typical RKW: If you actively wish to shape your future, you can play a full part in our innovative teams.

Gain practical experience now!


Students at RKW don’t waste away between the copier and the coffee machine, but instead gain valuable practical experience. We welcome the ideas that you can actively contribute to the team and beyond. Network with people within RKW and drive forward your career from the start.

Your thesis as a business card

If you wish to write a very good thesis at RKW, you are simultaneously submitting a brilliant application to work for us. You will easily find interesting subjects here, ranging from innovative research to international marketing.

Your thesis will not only help you on your way, but also broaden your horizons. You will work on your subject from your perspective, thereby also helping us to see things in new ways.

Writing a thesis at RKW: How to make a successful start

  • Step 1 – Apply. You have done an internship at RKW or your professor has recommended you to us.
  • Step 2 – Agree a subject. You suggest to us a subject or area of work that interests you.
  • Step 3 – Get started. You write your bachelor’s or master’s thesis at RKW.

It goes without saying that a personal supervisor will advise and support you the entire time.

Get started on your thesis in a practical setting!