“With sustainable film solutions, we enable our customers to improve the daily life of consumers all over the world."

  • Founded by Jakob Müller in 1957 as Rheinische Kunststoffwerke GmbH in Worms, Germany
  • Family owned
  • 65 years of experience in research, development, and manufacturing of polyolefin films
  • State-of-the-art technologies and machines
  • 17 locations (16 manufacturing sites plus corporate headquarters)
  • About 2,800 employees

RKW Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of polyolefin-based film solutions. Our innovative and sustainable films enable customers to improve the daily life of consumers all over the world. We are a market leader in the areas of hygiene and agricultural films as well as films for the food and beverage industries and powdery goods. Moreover, we supply films and nonwovens for the chemical and processing industries as well as the medical, automotive and construction sectors. Our independent family-owned company is headquartered in Mannheim, Germany and employs approximately 2,800 people across 17 locations worldwide. 

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RKW Hyplast

RKW Hyplast NV
Sint-Lenaartseweg 26
Kluis Z1 1340
2320 | Hoogstraten


RKW Hyplast, founded in 1975 and part of RKW Group since 2014, produces a wide range of polyethylene films for innumerous applications in the agriculture, horticulture, construction and processing industry.

High-quality Products, Excellent Customer Service and Continuous Development
The portfolio encompasses silo and grain bags, agricultural films, inliner and greenhouse films that are produced on state-of-the-art production equipment with up to 7-layer extruders.

With Hytibag® for bags, Hytidouble® and Hermetix® for agricultural films, our products are acknowledged worldwide for quality and good forage results. In the field of greenhouse films and inliners, RKW Hoogstraten is one of the market leaders, providing solutions that are tailor made to meet the customers’ specific requirements.

RKW’s broad distribution network, committed employees and established long-term customer relationships confirm our success.

RKW Guangzhou

RKW Guangzhou Company Ltd.
Block 8, No. 2, Hengda Road
Yunpu Industrial District, Huangpu
510760 | Guangzhou

RKW Finland

RKW Finland Ltd.
P.O. Box 22
Ulasoorintie 185
28600 | Pori


The Finnish location is specialized in the development of packaging solutions for industry. The location was established in 1920 in Pori and has been a part of RKW Group since 2000. The product range includes plastic sacks, various packaging and label films as well as laminated products such as roofing underlay films.

RKW Finland has an in-house recycling facility where re-granulate is extruded from film residues.

Packaging Solutions – Tailored to the Customer's Needs
Experience and ongoing development have played a large role in the success of the Finnish location. In the 1960s, with the introduction of plastic sacks, the production of packaging materials rapidly increased.

The following years, RKW Finland has become one of the largest European manufacturer of packaging films with a focus on plastic sacks, bags for the retail industry, as well as packaging and technical films.

RKW Castelletta

RKW Castelletta S.A.S.
2, allée de la Richelande BP3
42330 | Chamboeuf


Established in 1961, the French site RKW Castelletta has been a part of RKW Group since 2002. The location offers a wide range of innovative packaging solutions with a special focus on Multipack shrink films.

10-color Multipack Shrink Films for the Beverage Industry
Our Multipack shrink films enwrap the beverage packs without wrinkling and offer optimum product protection as well as easier handling and storage.

Realistic print designs with high color fidelity and smooth transitions transform packaging films into brand ambassadors – in up to 10 colors and full HD flexo print.

RKW Remy

RKW Remy S.A.S.
63, Avenue Henri Barbusse
59990 | Saultain


Located in Saultain, the French RKW location Remy is a specialist in the manufacturing of industrial and heavy-duty shrink films. RKW Remy manufactures high-performance films for the processing industry.

Market Leader in France
Experience and know-how pay off: In France, the company has made a name for itself as the market leader in technical films. The films manufactured by RKW Remy fulfill the highest requirements and are employed in the most diverse industries such as the food and beverage industry, for medical packaging, as well as in the automotive, steel, and metal industries. Our high-performance surface protection solutions, which offer excellent optical and mechanical properties, are renowned throughout the market.


RKW Saint Frères Emballage S.A.S
Rue Marius Sire, B.P. 4
80420 | Ville le Marclet


The French location RKW Saint Frères Emballage is specialized in films for consumer and industrial packaging, with a particular focus on printed Multipack films for the beverage industry. Established in 1955, the location has been a part of RKW Group since 2000.

Packaging Solutions – Tailored to the Customers’ Needs
The French location offers its well-known multinational customers a wide range of innovative and sustainable packaging solutions. Printed Multipack films for the beverage industry are the Site’s most important core product. With an expertise of more than 60 years, RKW is a market leader in this area and perfectly meets the customer requirements in the beverage industry. In addition, RKW SFE also provides transport pallet safety films.

RKW Echte

RKW SE Zweigniederlassung Echte
Am Windmühlenstein 15
37589 | Kalefeld

T+49 (0) 55 53-2 01-0
F+49 (0) 55 53-2 01-61

The site in Echte has been part of RKW Group since 1968. It develops and manufactures high-quality industrial packaging solutions, based on over 50 years of experience.

Sustainable Self-venting Bags for Powdery Goods
Around 13 years ago, RKW developed the RKW ProVent® plastic bag and set a completely new industry standard for the packaging of powdery and moisture-sensitive goods. The consumer-friendly self-venting sack is a genuine and sustainable alternative to conventional paper sacks.
Likewise, RKW was also the first manufacturer world-wide who introduced an easy-to-use online configurator where customers can create their own designs.

RKW Gronau

RKW SE Zweigniederlassung Gronau
Düppelstr. 16
48599 | Gronau

T+49 (0) 25 62-7 10-0
F+49 (0) 25 62-7 10-2 19

The Gronau location was established in 1969 and has been a part of RKW Group since 2002. It manufactures carded, spunbond and hydro-entangled spunbond nonwovens.

Films and Nonwovens – the Perfect Fit

An expert in the manufacturing of nonwovens, RKW Gronau is proud to have been working with global and local customers for many years. Excellent quality, in-depth technological knowledge and the combination of films and nonwovens have made RKW a highly respected business partner for tailor-made solutions.

With RKW HyJet®, RKW produces innovative endless-filament nonwovens for a broad range of applications, e.g., surface protection, automotive acoustics as well as hygiene and medical.

RKW Michelstadt

RKW Agri GmbH & Co. KG
Rossbacher Weg 5
64720 | Michelstadt

T+49 (0) 60 61-77-0
F+49 (0) 60 61-77-209

Established as a cloth factory in 1828, the location has been part of RKW Group since 2002. It is specialized in the research, development, and manufacturing of high-quality agricultural films and round-bale nets.

RKW is one of the largest employers in the local region. With committed and highly skilled employees and excellent products, RKW Michelstadt sets itself apart from the competition.

The Michelstadt site has been continuously enhanced and upgraded. In 2018, the latest expansion took encompassed the commissioning of an additional extrusion line.

RKW has always been a pioneer in innovative agricultural films, from the first silage films and bags in 1960 to the first DLG seal-tested films. RKW invented the round bale nets in the 1980s and is still well known worldwide for its high-quality agricultural brands Polydress® and Rondotex®.

RKW Nordhorn

RKW SE Zweigniederlassung Nordhorn
Euregiostr. 1
48527 | Nordhorn

T+49 (0) 59 21-8 72-0
F+49 (0) 59 21-8 72-2 78

The Nordhorn location – established in 1978 and part of RKW Group since 2002 – is located in Germany in the Bentheim district on the border to the Netherlands.

The films manufactured in Nordhorn are sold worldwide, with a focus on Europe. They are further processed into demanding hygiene articles or applied as modern and flexible packaging films in various industrial applications.

Long-term Partner to the Glass industry
The RKW location Nordhorn is the center of excellence when it comes to stretchhoods and provides excellent service as well as sophisticated production technologies. For over 30 years now, the location has been a reliable partner in the manufacturing of shrink film for the stringent packaging requirements in the glass industry. The high-quality hygiene films manufactured in Nordhorn are in demand worldwide and are being applied in the further processing of diapers for baby care and adult incontinence as well as for feminine care products.

Effective recycling facilities are used in production to ensure sustainability.

RKW Petersaurach

RKW SE Zweigniederlassung Petersaurach
Jakob-Müller-Ring 2
91580 | Petersaurach

T+49 (0) 98 72-8 03-0
F +49 (0) 98 72-8 03-22

The site Petersaurach, which is located near the city of Nuremburg, has been part of RKW Group as early as 1962. The location supplies hygiene and technical films as well as films for consumer packaging. Our films are known for their excellent quality.

From Baby Diapers to Consumer Packaging
The site's product portfolio is suited for a broad range of applications, with a focus on high-quality films for baby diapers and feminine hygiene disposables. In addition, RKW Petersaurach manufactures high-performance technical films for further processing such as lamination and label films as well as films for flexible consumer packaging. Cutting-edge flexo printing lines enable printing even the most complex images.

Driving Global Competence
The site Petersaurach is RKW’s Center of Competence for breathable films for hygiene as well as for multi-color printing.


RKW SE Headquarters
Havellandstraße 8
68309 Mannheim

T +49 (0) 621-18 038-0

Strategic Center

The RKW Headquarters in Mannheim is home to the Executive Board and the administration. This encompasses all corporate departments providing Group-wide services:

Accounting & Finance Reporting, Controlling, Human Resources, IT, Operational Excellence, R&D, Sales, Sustainability, Communications, Marketing, Purchasing, and Treasury & Legal Affairs.

RKW Wasserburg

RKW SE Zweigniederlassung Wasserburg
Alkorstr. 6
83512 | Wasserburg am Inn

T+49 (0) 80 71-72-0
F+49 (0) 80 71-72-2 00

The Wasserburg location was established in 1964 and has been a part of RKW Group since 2002.

Leading Position in Hygiene and Medical
Since its very beginning, the Wasserburg plant has specialized in the development and production of polyethylene and polypropylene films. Today, the focus is on hygiene and medical applications as well as on industrial packaging and technical applications.

RKW Wasserburg is the Center of Competence for our Hyfol® range of films and laminates for the global hygiene disposables market.

RKW Sweden

RKW Sweden AB
Bunkagårdsgatan 2
25368 | Helsingborg


RKW Sweden has been part of RKW Group since 1999.
The Swedish location was founded in 1987 by Tetra Pak under the name Filltech R&D AB.
FPO® (mineral filled) polyolefin products are manufactured as film.

FPO® - Naturally Different
Our mineral filled films are not only unique and more environmentally friendly than oil-based alternatives; we serve a wide range of applications for the food and non-food segment.

RKW Klerks

RKW Klerks Inc.
527 Mahlon Drive
S.C. 29706 | Chester

T +1-888-255-3757
F +1-803-789-4045

RKW Klerks is one of the largest greenhouse film rewinding facilities in the United States. Based in Chester, SC, the company is part of RKW Group since 2014. The product portfolio includes high-quality greenhouse finished stock rolls including long-life and overwintering greenhouse films.

RKW Klerks is the only manufacturer in the US to offer Two-In-One rolls. Each Two-In-One roll is comprised of two separate sheets rolled together into one roll, reducing labor needed in installing double layer film.

RKW North America

RKW North America, Inc.
270 Reasonover Drive
KY 42134 | Franklin


RKW North America in Franklin, Kentucky, USA has been a part of RKW Group since the end of 2010. The current location was built in 2000 for the manufacture of films for lamination and technical applications.

Expanded Manufacturing
In 2012, RKW invested in new capacity for the production of film extrusion and printing for the North American absorbent hygiene disposables market.

RKW North America is certified according to ISO 9001.

RKW Vietnam

RKW Vietnam Ltd.
Lot 22 Road B
Tan Tao Industrial Park
Tan Tao A Ward, Binh Tan District
Ho Chi Minh City


RKW Vietnam, established in 1996, is located in Ho Chi Minh City and has been a part of RKW Group since 2004. The location specializes in the manufacturing of consumer packaging and multipack shrink film.

Leading Consumer Packaging Manufacturer in Vietnam
RKW Vietnam is a global supplier of consumer packaging and one of the largest manufacturers of plastic packaging films in Vietnam. As a leader in our industry, we develop innovative products and packaging solutions that are tailor-made to meet the customers’ requirements and sustainable development strategy. With state-of-the-art technology and enhanced product design, we can print with up to 8 colors in excellent quality. We are proud to be valued by our global customers as a reliable partner.