Careers: FAQs and your questions

Here you will find frequently asked questions about the subject of jobs and applying for a job at RKW along with the answers from our HR department. If you are unable to find the information you are looking for in the FAQs, then simply send us your question and we will be happy to advise you personally.

Dual Study Program

What are the advantages of a Dual Study Program?

A Dual Study Program combines university education with practical experience at RKW.

With a Dual Study Program at RKW, you immediately embark on your career path. You learn while being able to apply everything in practice. You also establish important contacts and set the course for your professional future. The Dual Study Program can take different forms, depending on the RKW location: You will either alternate between working at the company and studying at the university in three-month blocks or you will attend university on certain days every week.

At university, you will study in small classes and work through the course content in workshops and seminars. You learn from proven experts with long-standing professional experience. Later on, during the practical phase at the company, you will have the opportunity to build on the theoretical knowledge acquired at university. With a work-based degree, you not only gain all the necessary knowledge at a high level within the shortest space of time, but also develop personally and enhance your social skills. As a result, you will receive industry-recognized professional preparation for specialist and management roles within the company at an early stage.

What Dual Study Program does RKW offer?

At Michelstadt, the business administration course, specializing in industry, is offered in conjunction with Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW). You have the option to prepare for the work-based degree by completing a “0” semester at DHBW Mosbach. You can find further information here.

At Echte, you can take a Bachelor of Administration degree (in partnership with Berufsakademie Göttingen) and Bachelor of Engineering degree (with Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts). You can find further information here.

At Petersaurach, a business administration course is offered, specializing in trade and industry supply chain management. You will graduate as a Bachelor of Arts. You can find further information here.

How is the Dual Study Program organized?

At Michelstadt, you will alternate between working at RKW and studying at DHBW Mosbach in three-month blocks.

At Echte, there are certain days of the week on which you will study.

While studying for the Bachelor of Administration degree, you will spend time working in various departments at RKW, including buying, shipping, production planning and management, sales, controlling, and human resources. In the process, you will be familiarized with all aspects of the different roles and quickly take them on independently. In addition to the practical training, you will complete a demanding degree course at Berufsakademie Göttingen. The examination leading to a qualification as an industrial management assistant will be taken at the IHK after the first two years. This will ultimately lead to you gaining two recognized qualifications within the space of three years.

If you wish to become a Bachelor of Engineering, you will study production engineering at Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Alongside the first study phase, you will also undertake a two-year training period leading to a qualification as a process technician for plastics and rubber engineering, which ends with the IHK examination. From the fifth semester (second study phase), you will study full-time and ultimately write your bachelor’s thesis at RKW. You will thus gain two recognized qualifications within the space of three and a half years.

At Petersaurach, you will spend 20 hours gaining practical experience at the company and a further 20 hours studying at the iba University of Cooperative Education in Nuremberg.

Will I have a named supervisor at RKW?

There is a group of trainers at RKW, each of whom supervise their specialist area. Once you have specialized in a particular area, you will be given a named supervisor for each area.

On what dates does the Dual Study Program start at RKW?

The start dates depend on the location. In Michelstadt and Petersaurach, the work-based degree starts on October 1, while in Echte it begins on August 1.

Does RKW work with certain universities?

The partner for Michelstadt is DHBW Mosbach. Echte works with Berufsakademie Göttingen and Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts. In Petersaurach, the study phase takes place at the iba University of Cooperative Education in Nuremberg.

What are the entry requirements for a Dual Study Program?

The following qualities are the ideal entry requirements for Dual Study Program at RKW:

  • A general higher education entrance qualification with good to very good grades, especially in mathematics, German, and English
  • An interest in economic relationships
  • A high level of resilience and commitment
  • Motivation, a willingness to learn, and communication skills
Do I earn a salary during the Dual Study Program?

A monthly training salary is paid at all RKW locations as part of the work-based degree. In addition, RKW covers any education fees.

How long does the Dual Study Program take?

The bachelor’s degree takes between three and three and a half years, depending on the subject studied. After that, you can either immediately embark on your professional career or continue studying for a master’s degree.

Apprenticeship at RKW

At which locations does RKW provide training?

RKW provides training in Petersaurach, Michelstadt, Wasserburg, Gronau/Nordhorn, and Echte.

In which professions does RKW provide training?

Here you will find a list of all professions at RKW.

When should I apply?

Each RKW location has different dates by which your application must be submitted. If you are unable to find the relevant information in the job ad, please ask for specific details using our contact form.

What is the process for applying for a trainee position at RKW?

Once we have received your completed application via our career portal, there will be an interview in person. You can then also come to RKW for a trial day. This will allow both parties to find out whether training at RKW is the right move.

As a young woman interested in pursuing a career in mathematics, informatics, natural sciences, and technology (MINT), what opportunities are available to me at RKW?

You have very good opportunities! Everybody receives training in every profession at RKW, irrespective of their gender, because it is your motivation and commitment that count here.

What should be included in my application to RKW?

It is important to submit a full application with a compelling letter, your CV, and your most recent references. In addition, you can make a particularly good impression with your internship reports.

What can I expect on my first day of training?

At RKW, we take care of you from the very first day of training. During the so-called induction days, you will be given all the necessary information, together with your training plan. In addition, you will learn how to find your way around the company and network with other trainees. At some locations, you will also be assigned a mentor, who you can speak to at any time if you have any questions or problems.

Will I have a named trainer?

Yes, there is always a named trainer, regardless of the profession for which you are being trained.

When and where will I attend vocational college?

That differs depending on the location and profession for which you are being trained.

After the training, how can I pursue a career at RKW?

RKW provides apprenticeships with the aim of offering apprentices a permanent position afterwards! For many of our colleagues, training at RKW has marked the start of a brilliant career. After your training, for example, we help you gain additional qualifications as a master in your profession, engineer, or business management specialist. Many of our current managers began their professional careers with an apprenticeship at RKW.

Temporary and vacation jobs

What kind of jobs are there at RKW for people who wish to work on a temporary basis or are still at school?

RKW offers temporary and vacation work at various locations to support the main workforce in a wide range of areas. A vacation job is especially helpful if you wish to train or study for a work-based degree at RKW. You should ideally submit a speculative application to your preferred location.

Do I have to possess certain knowledge?

Technical understanding, an interest in business processes, and basic IT skills are advantageous, depending on the area in which you will be working. Good knowledge of English is also helpful in one or two areas. You should definitely enjoy hands-on work.

Will I learn anything during a vacation job at RKW?

Of course! You will gain valuable practical experience. Depending on where you work, you may be involved in commercial activities or operating machinery.

I would like to see plenty of the world in my job. Am I in the right place at RKW?

Definitely. RKW has locations in Europe, Africa, Asia, and America. Close cooperation between the locations takes place not only digitally, but also locally. We expect that you will enjoy gaining experience of working abroad – and building up our network of expertise for the future with RKW professionals worldwide. #rightplace

Trainee or immediate start after graduating: How does it work at RKW?

At RKW, you can immediately launch your career after graduating – or gain additional experience as a trainee. Whichever route you choose, you can expect more than just interesting roles and the opportunity to work abroad. We also guarantee an intensive induction (for immediate career starters) individually tailored to your needs or provide a high-quality two-year trainee program.

Here you can find out more about launching your RKW career after graduating.

Questions from experienced professionals

I am fit to do my job, but have no degree. Can I still further my career at RKW?

At RKW, all doors essentially remain open to you, even if you hold no degree. We individually assess the overall package of professional experience you bring to the job. Applications are therefore always welcomed!

General: Applying to work at RKW

How do I apply?

All of our current vacancies in Germany can be found in the job portal on our careers website. Please upload your application documents, including CV, letter, and relevant references to our application portal.

My preferred job is not listed. Should I submit a speculative application?

You also have the option to submit a speculative application to our job portal. If you are interested in joining the company abroad, then please inform us of your wish in your letter.

How does the application process continue?

As soon as your application has been received via the online portal, you will be sent confirmation of its receipt. We will then look at your documents and if your application is of interest to us, we will get in touch with you. We will initially get to know you on the telephone, followed by a meeting in person.

What is expected of applicants during the interview?

As a family-run business active on the global stage, we are looking for applicants who enjoy working in an international context and possess the necessary “hands-on mentality” and curiosity in order to contribute to the success of our company. If you have plenty of ideas, wish to help affect change, and like to seize the initiative yourself, then you could fit in well at RKW. Values such as respect and team spirit are especially important to RKW.

At RKW, building a career means …?

You will become a global explorer at RKW. You will be supported and given the opportunity to develop in a number of different ways – in the region where you live or internationally at one of RKW’s 19 locations worldwide. Our success factor is respect. Respect creates a good feeling and makes it possible to achieve a great deal. Our working atmosphere is based on acknowledgement and appreciation and contributes to the success of RKW and our employees.

Which courses of study are particularly in demand?

Informatics, engineering, energy and environmental engineering, process engineering, business administration, law, economics , social sciences

What is the work-life balance like? What benefits does RKW offer?

The work-life balance of the employees is an important matter to RKW, which is why we offer you many different ways of flexibly organizing your day so that you can always react to new life situations.

Do you have a question about your application?

Get in touch with us and we will then contact you in person. Please complete the form (the fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory). We will get back to you at the earliest opportunity.