Careers: FAQs and your questions

Here you will find frequently asked questions about the subject of jobs and applying for a job at RKW along with the answers from our HR department. If you are unable to find the information you are looking for in the FAQs, then simply send us your question and we will be happy to advise you personally.

General questions about applying at RKW

How do I apply?

You can find all our vacancies in the job portal on our careers page. Please upload your application documents including CV, cover letter, salary expectations, indication of the period of notice and relevant references on our application portal.

What does the application process look like?

First of all, there is an acknowledgement of receipt, followed by a review of the documents by the HR department and the relevant specialist department. We will get back to you very promptly, but we still ask for a little patience: we want to do this thoroughly, and this can sometimes take some time.

In order to get to know each other and to get a good impression on both sides, we rely on a multi-stage process: First, you will receive an invitation to a video interview. In addition to the HR department, the relevant specialist department takes part in these interviews. The next step in the application process is a personal interview at the respective location - also with HR, the specialist department and, if applicable, colleagues from the team or the next higher manager.

Keyword: Unsolicited and multiple applications

Both are possible. We are very happy to receive unsolicited applications - that's why our job portal advertises corresponding "unsolicited positions" for the respective location. If you are interested in joining us abroad, please let us know in your cover letter. And of course it is also possible to apply for several positions at the same time.

How can I contact you with questions?

E-mail addresses are provided in the job advertisements. Alternatively, you can contact us directly at or using the contact form below.

Apprenticeship at RKW

At which sites and which professions does RKW offer apprenticeships?

RKW offers apprenticeships at the sites in Petersaurach, Michelstadt, Wasserburg am Inn, Gronau, Nordhorn and Echte. A list of all apprenticeships at RKW can be found here.

How does the apprenticeship application process work at RKW and what should be included in my application to RKW?

After we have received your complete application via our career portal and it has been reviewed by the HR department and the specialist department, there will be at least one personal interview in which you can get to know RKW, your potential new contact persons and the location.

It is important to submit a complete application with a convincing cover letter, your resume and your most recent references. You can also score particularly well with internship evaluations.

When should I apply?

Each RKW location has different deadlines by which your application must be submitted. If you do not find any information in the job advertisement, please ask specifically via our contact form or at the respective location. 

As a young woman interested in pursuing a career in mathematics, informatics, natural sciences, and technology (MINT), what opportunities are available to me at RKW?

You have very good chances! We train everyone, regardless of gender, because what counts for us is motivation, fun at work and performance.

What can I expect on the first day of training and in the time that follows at RKW?

At RKW, we take care of you from the first day of your apprenticeship. During the introductory days, you will receive all the necessary information such as your training plan, when and where you have vocational school, learn how to orient yourself in the company and can network with other trainees. At some locations, you will also be assigned a mentor who can be contacted at any time with questions or problems.

Depending on the location and the training, the days at the vocational school will vary. You will receive further information during the application process.

Will I have a named trainer?

Yes, there is always a permanent trainer, regardless of which apprenticeship you have chosen. We also have training officers in the various departments who are available to you as professional contacts.

After the training, how can I pursue a career at RKW?

RKW trains with the aim of taking you on in a permanent position at a later date! For many of our colleagues, training at RKW was the start of a great career. After your training, for example, we support meaningful, in-service qualifications as a master craftsman, technician or business administrator. Many of our current managers at RKW began their careers with an apprenticeship with us.

Dual Study Program

What are the advantages of a Dual Study Program?

A dual study program combines the training at the university directly with the practical implementation at RKW.

With a dual study program at RKW, you start your career right away. You learn with 100 percent practical relevance, make important contacts and set the course for your professional future.

At the university, you will study in small classes and work on the course content in workshops and seminars and learn from proven experts with many years of experience in the company. Later, you will deepen the theoretical content you have learned at the Cooperative State University in the practical phase at our company. With a dual study program, you not only acquire all the necessary technical knowledge at the highest level in the shortest possible time, but also develop personally and strengthen your social skills.

As a result, you will receive qualified and industry-recognized preparation for specialist and management tasks in the company at an early stage.

What are the entry requirements for a Dual Study Program?

The following qualities are the ideal entry requirements for Dual Study Program at RKW:

  • A general higher education entrance qualification with good to very good grades, especially in mathematics, German, and English
  • An interest in economic relationships
  • A high level of resilience and commitment
  • Motivation, a willingness to learn, and communication skills
Which dual degree programs does RKW offer in cooperation with which dual universities?

We offer dual studies at our production sites in Echte, Michelstadt and Petersaurach. You can find current job postings for dual studies here.

When does the dual study program at RKW start and how long does it take?

The start dates depend on the location. Depending on the field of study, it takes three to three and a half years. After that, you can start your career directly or, for example, go on to study for a master's degree.

Will I have a named supervisor at RKW?

Yes, there is always a permanent trainer who supervises the respective departments. We also have training officers in the various departments who are available to you as professional contacts.

Do I earn a salary during the Dual Study Program?

At all RKW locations, a monthly training allowance is paid as part of the dual study program. In addition, there is the possibility that RKW will (partially) cover possible tuition fees.

Internship and working student activity

Does RKW offer the opportunity to gain work experience during my studies?

Yes, we offer working student positions and internships at our locations. The vacant positions are published on our job finder. If you do not find a suitable position, you are also welcome to send us an unsolicited application via the careers page.

Is it possible for a working student to work full-time during the semester break?

Yes, there is the possibility to work full time during the semester break. In this case, you should discuss the details with your manager.

Entry opportunities at RKW

Trainee or direct entry after graduation: How does it work at RKW?

At RKW, you can start your career as a direct entrant after graduation or initially gain extensive and varied experience as a trainee. In either case, you will not only be enticed by interesting tasks and assignments at home and abroad. We also offer you an intensive, individually tailored induction program or a highly qualified two-year trainee program.

Find out more about your RKW career start after graduation here.

Which qualifications are particularly in demand?

At RKW, all doors are open to you - even without a degree. We assess individually what overall package of professional experience you bring with you and what is relevant for the specific position.

What opportunities are there to gain international experience as an employee?

As a globally active company, collaboration across national borders is part of our everyday work, for example through international video conferences. If you would like to gain practical experience abroad, RKW is an employer with locations around the world: North America, Europe, North Africa and Asia - plenty of opportunities to grow together.

Temporary and vacation jobs

What jobs are available at RKW for temporary workers and students?

RKW offers temporary and vacation jobs at various locations to support employees in a wide range of areas. A vacation job is especially helpful if you want to complete an apprenticeship or a dual study program at RKW later on. The best thing to do is to send an unsolicited application to the location of your choice.

If you have any questions, please get in touch via our contact form below or at the respective location.

Do I already have to have certain knowledge?

Depending on the area of work, technical understanding, interest in business processes and basic knowledge of working with a PC are advantageous. A good knowledge of English is also helpful in one area or another. In any case, you should enjoy practical work and be reliable.

Do you have a question about your application?

Get in touch with us and we will then contact you in person. Please complete the form (the fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory). We will get back to you at the earliest opportunity.