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Rondotex® Performance


Rondotex® has been a global premium brand for round bale nets and films for over 35 years. Recognizable by the red thread, the Rondotex® portfolio is now available in three distinct categories for quick and easy orientation. In the Performance and Wizard categories, the product range includes round bale nets with a high breaking strength using less netwrap per bale compared to other standards net wraps in the market. That leads to less waste and lower cost per bale and underlines the sustainable approach with RKW has been following for many, many years. In addition, products in these categories provide optimum edge coverage, uniform winding, UV-stability,  excellent wide run characteristics and can be used in all common balers worldwide.

 Rondotex® Performance

Technical Data

*In extreme conditions at least +1 wrap

  • Storage under fleece and high stacking
  • Bale diameter >1,6 m
  • High pressure and temperatures
  • Frequent transportation
  • Special pressed material (e.g. corn, sugar cane, waste...)

** Dimensions of Rondotex Performance Mini | 2000 m (7,000 ft) length is available for Rondotex Performance Mini and Rondotex Performance

Features Rondotex® Performance
Length in m / feet1.500 m** / 4,900 ft**, 2.000 m** / 7,000 ft**, 2.600 m / 7,800 ft,  3.000 m / 9,840 ft, 3.600 m / 10,000 ft, 4.000 m / 13,000 ft 
Width in m / inches0.50 m / 19"**, 0.60 m / 23"**, 0.66 m / 26"**, 0.90 m / 35"**, 0.99 m / 38"**, 1.05 m / 41", 1.23 m / 48"**, 1.30 m / 51", 1.63 m / 64", 1.70 m / 67"
Applicationssilage, hay, straw, strong straw, maize & sugar beet, pulp & canes, heavy materials
Packaging (easy handling, easy lift)tube packaging with carry handles, spacers
Tear resistance in kg based on 123m270 kg / 595 lbs
Minimum wrappingssilage: 2.5* / hay: 3.0* / straw: 3.5*
Bale coverageedge to edge
UV stability12 months (global)
Water shedding
Side indication
End marking
Made in Germany

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  • Suitable for all round balers with working width up to 1.70 m / 67''
  • High tear strength 270 kg / 595 lbs at 1.23 m / 48'' width
  • Thicker threads for perfect cutting in the baler
  • Strong mechanical resistance
  • Optimized knitting structure with thicker threads and perfect wide-running behavior
  • Less mesh material per bale
  • Uniform winding
  • Excellent Edge-to-Edge coverage
  • End and side marking
  • Roll packaging with handles
  • Pallets with spacers for safe transport

Learn more about the RKW ECORE label for sustainable film solutions

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