Self venting bags
RKW ProVent®


Since its market introduction more than 15 years ago, RKW ProVent® has become one of the world’s leading self venting bags. Almost 100% prevention of product loss combined with 100% recyclability and a resource saving production make RKW ProVent® the efficient and sustainable alternative to paper or hybrid bags.

 self venting bag


  • Advanced mechanical and barrier properties
  • Excellent machine runability and high filling speeds (up to 2,000 bags/h)
  • Customized sustainable films (downgauging, high recycled plastic content, bio-based materials)
  • Flexible customization of additional functions / easy handling (Easy Carry, Easy Open, Easy Reclosable, Anti-Slip)
  • Environment-friendly carbon neutral bags on request
  • Certified according to BRC
  • Suitable for the packaging of hazardous materials

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Unbeatable add-ons


Improved sealing seam for highly contaminated weld areas


Additional longitudinal seam to protect particularly fine powder


Enhanced water barrier for particularly hydrophilic goods


Additional coating for a highly-effective non-slip surface

10c Flexo Printing

High-quality printing for effective advertising

1c Flexo Printing

Cost-efficient one-color printing

Easy Reclose

Allows opened sacks to be resealed

Easy Carry

Integrated carrying handle for convenient transportation

Easy Open

Easy to open without a knife or scissors


Thinner films for lower packaging costs

Recycled Material

Film with recycled content

Green PE

Resin made from sugarcane-based ethanol

Areas of Application

  • Construction: Cement, Mortar Mix, Plaster, Gypsum, Tile Adhesive, Self Leveling Floor
  • Chemical: Lignin, Ammonium Chloride
  • Food: Citric Acid, Soy Protein, Farine, Milk Powder

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