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Proper use of Rondotex round bale nets


Learn more about the new net era with Mesh Magic Technology.

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Are you looking for a special solution?

Rondotex® Wizard 33
33 chains round bale nets

The world's only 33 chains round bale net
with Mesh Magic Technology

  • Ресурс 3
  • Ресурс 3
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  • Ресурс 3
  • Ресурс 3


  • Better bale compression due to an innovative knitting procedure
  • Thicker, stronger chains with increased robustness
  • Up to 20% more round bales in the same time
  • High UV and temperature resistance
  • 10% less roll weight and less use of plastic
  • Excellent spreading behavior


A new net era with Mesh Magic Technology:
Rondotex®Wizard 33 is the new round bale net with our patented Mesh Magic Technology and brings everything together from our over 40 years of experience in round bale nets. Benefit from maximum robustness, highest sustainability and perfect handling. Discover one of the most resilient nets on the market with a sustainable approach.

Up to
20% more
round bales

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