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Rondotex® Performance
Round bale films

RKW Group - performance

The all-round protection for heavy and bulky materials
such as maize, sugar beet pulps or waste


  • Suitable for all round balers with working widths up to 1.38 m
  • High tear resistance (380 kg at 1,28 m width)
  • Uniform winding
  • Optimum edge coverage
  • Less netwrap per bale compared to other standards net wraps in the market


Rondotex® has been a global premium brand for round bale nets and films for over 35 years. Recognizable by the red thread, the Rondotex® portfolio is now available in three distinct categories for quick and easy orientation. Besides this, RKW has incorporated its round bale films in the Rondotex® product family. The film is characterized by high tear resistance. Compared to the competition, it offers high stability with low consumption of resources. The film guarantees the compressed density and the dimensional stability of the round bales, so that they are optimally safeguarded during transport and storage. Bales bundled this way are also easy to open during frosty winter periods without any losses. No adhesive additives are used. The film is very efficient and allows for up to 220 bales per 2,500 meters film roll depending on the extruded product. This corresponds to 200-gram film per bale.

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Technical Data

* 380 kg at 1.28 m width

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