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RKW HyJet®
Innovative nonwoven crop cover

Secure crop yields through
independent approved quality


  • Extremely reliable with up to 50% higher tear resistance*
  • Longer lifetime & multi-reusability due to unique loop structure
  • Great flexibility thanks to possible stretching of 3–5% in width**

* RKW quality in terms of tear resistance independently approved by Sächsisches Textilforschungsinsitut (STFI) in comparison to traditional nonwoven crop cover
** Stretching in width depends on the crop


Compared to traditional products, RKW HyJet® offers the highest level of reliability, durability and flexibility.

Even in strong winds, RKW Hyjet® lies evenly on the plants and ensures practically no crop damage because of flapping fleece. Its excellent water distribution, air permeability and superior light transmission also support a good climate for the plants.

RKW Hyjet® can be used multiple times without loss of quality: up to 3 - 4 seasons according to users and with a UV stability of up to 2 seasons (Central Europe).

In addition, RKW HyJet® is convenient to handle and quickly laid out. Due to the special material structure, the nonwoven crop cover offers excellent flexibility and can be used without edge reinforcement.