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RKW Group - Portrait-Bauer-Kreis
Jef Ryvers
Dairy farmer

Protecting silage is always a time consuming job. I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve ripped holes in the under film layer when trying to lay out the top layer of film. Polydress®TWISTA is as simple as it is handy: the two film layers are rolled out over the silage in one go. No static electricity, no creases, no unevenness.

Pulling the film over only once also means battling against the wind only once. When laying two layers separately you can never seem to find enough people around to help you do it right. Polydress®TWISTA is the ideal answer for everyone who wants to get the job done fast, efficiently and right first time.

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Polydress® TWISTA
Cover & vacuum film clever combined on one roll

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  • Easy handling and fastest commissioning
  • Highest forage quality due to perfect fit on the silo pitch
  • Improved resistance and durability
  • Fully and easy recyclable films
  • Both films are made of PE material


Polydress® TWISTA is the clever combination of cover and vacuum film on one roll. Thanks to the patented 2in1 folding technology, two high-performance films can be placed on the silo in just one step. This saves 50% labor time, improves film placement and avoids the risk of punching holes. Both films are manufactured according to EN 13207 and offer maximum protection for your silage. In addition, Polydress® TWISTA is a PE/PE solution that is fully and easily recyclable.


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Over 50% faster with Polydress® TWISTA
Roll out and unfold. Simple as that!

  1. The clever combination of two films on one roll makes the coverage of your silage fast and easy.
  2. Instead of positioning two separate films, Polydress®TWISTA is already perfectly placed from the start.
  3. After the placement on your silage, you can unfold the two films effectively together in one single step.
  4. The perfect positioning of the two films ensures a constant quality and a better result for your silage.

Double protection due
to two strong films

  • Strong quality
  • No risk of ripping
  • Perfect fit
  • No air circulation

ThicknessesSilage Film 115 µm + Vacuum Film Type 40 = 155 µmSilage Film 5 Mil (125 µm) + Vacuum Film Type 1.6 Mil (40) = 6.6 Mil (165 µm)
Silage Film 6 Mil (150 µm) + Vacuum Film Type 1.6 Mil (40) = 7.6 Mil (190 µm)
Widths10 / 12 / 14 / 16 / 18 m40 ft (12.20 m), 50 ft (15.24 m), 60 ft (18.30 m)
Lengths35 / 50 / 150 / 200 / 300 / 400 m150 ft (45 m), 200 ft (60 m) / 1,000 ft (305 m)
UV stability18 months Central Europe (radiation dose 100 kLy/a)18 months US (radiation dose 100 kLy/a)