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Polydress® LP-Keder
Air bubble greenhouse film

Better results in your greenhouse with
our smart greenhouse air bubble films


  • Easy installation
  • High transparency
  • Long-term UV protection
  • Energy saving
  • Extreme durability
  • Easy recycling (100% PE)


The air bubble greenhouse film Polydress® LP-Keder is a lightweight, tear-resistant
material that is easy to cut with a knife or scissors. It simplifies your greenhouse
construction and reduces the building time, allowing an installation in record time.
Uniform illumination and a favorable microclimate promote plant growth.

Its unique construction prevents any leaks or thermal bridges, so that up to 95%
of the heat radiation is retained. This saves you money. At the same time, the air
cushion bubbles (1,000 bubbles per sqm) ensure a diffuse interior illumination.
The result is an effective prevention of shading and burning from sunlight.