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Pallet nets
Transport solution

The stable and permeable solution
for vegetables, fruits or wood.


  • Conserves materials and cuts costs
  • No water condensation
  • Rapid cooling and frosting
  • Wood net with UV protection
  • Uniform quality with a tear resistance of up to 750 N
  • Manual and mechanical rolls


Reliable transportation for fruits and vegetables, as well as sensitive harvested products—the pallet nets from RKW make it possible, because they combine great stability with consistent ventilation.

Maintaining freshness while ensuring safe transportation—with Rondotex® NET and Rondotex® ELASTIC, RKW offers two optimal solutions for pallet packaging of fruits and vegetables, as well as other sensitive harvested goods, such as rolled turf and wood. The consistent ventilation prevents condensation effects and facilitates rapid cooling. The nets also make it possible to apply gas to harvested goods at any time without any problem. Rondotex® NET has outstanding tear resistance of up to 750 N; Rondotex® ELASTIC facilitates fixation with memory effect.

Consistent Ventilation