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FFS film
for Lawn & Garden


The most efficient solution for automated packaging of bulk goods.

Choose now the sustainable RKW foil packaging – high strength materials promise the best storage- and transport properties, EGP™ technology ensures high qualtity and more sustainable printing.

Features at a glance

  • Packaging is made of up to 80% PCR/PIR
  • Up to 54% reduced carbon footprint
  • High strength materials with high flexibility and rigidity
  • Optimized for full automized filling
  • Optimal storage and transport properties
  • Available on rolls or as gusseted bags on roll (FFS) for VFFS and TFFS packaging lines
  • 5-layer foil in white/black, grey/white or grey/black for easy sorting in a recycling machine
  • EGP™ printing technology


  • Garden solutions
    Soil (plants, fruits, vegetables, herbs, trees…), Mulch, Fertilizer, Compost)
  • Wood
    (Wood Chips , Wood Pellets)
  • Others
    (Gravel, Stones, Pellets)

Specification: 1 year UV stability of film and printing; outer layer high-friction; inner layer low-friction; high mechanical resistance (force at break, dart-drop, shearing); glossy and matt high quality multi color printing, low gel level; more and more demand for high regrind content


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