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Lamination & tube lamination films
Technical films

The world of lamination films customized
to your and your customers’ needs


  • Customized properties e.g. barrier, for seal, peel lid
  • Flexible for a wide range of applications


RKW offers a multitude of properties and lamination film types adapted to your needs and those of your customers. Clear, white, rigid, barrier, for seal, or peel lid – every film has specific properties for a wide range of applications: pouches, stand-up pouches, bags, sticks, sachets, lids, trays and more.


Product range

  • Thick film for heavy duty bags – pet food
  • Seal film for freeze stick
  • Chemical barrier film
  • Bio based and compostable sealing layer
  • Film for laminated capsules
  • Sealing film for industrial packaging
  • Film for metalization
  • Chirurgical bags: Sealing film