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Paperlike films

The natural choice


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Mono-structure film
  • Paperlike look and feel
  • Excellent dead-fold properties
  • Excellent tear and puncture resistance
  • Light and vapor barrier
  • High printing quality


FPO® film has a paperlike feel and superior foldability and printability. It is also oil- and water-resistant. Compared with pure polymers, FPO® film is twice as effective a barrier to light and water vapor. This means that the FPO® films can replace more complex laminate solutions such as PE/Paper. One major advantage is that moderately filled FPO® film has considerably improved tear resistance and dart drop.

Standard capability is up to 1200 mm wide and 40-200 μm thick. Stock standard FPO® films in PP and PE are available in many different thicknesses, and as sealable and light-barrier material.



  • Packaging wrap
  • Label
  • Cover leaf / lid
  • Flowpack / pouch
  • Lamination film (as component in laminated structure)
  • Tags and display signs