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e7 Bag All®
Silage bag | e7 layer bag

RKW Group - performance plus

Excellence with the power of 7!
The world’s first 7-layer silage bag with 4’-14’ diameter


  • Powerful solution for consistently high fodder quality
  • Strong performance and proven durability
  • UV-stabilized for a period of 18 months
  • For best performance each bag is made of 100% virgin LDPE
  • Easy handling
  • Stretch strip for an optimal filling result


Discover e7 BAG ALL®—the worldwide first silage bag in 7-layer technology with 4’-14’ diameter.

RKW's new e7 technology perfectly meets today’s key requirements in agriculture: better forage and grain conservation, keeping the high nutritional value over time and limiting the product waste—for reasonable money.

Due to the powerful 7-layer technology e7 BAG ALL offers advanced barrier functions which optimize the fermentation process on one hand and ensure reliable storage of, for example, grain on the other hand.

4’- 14’ Ø

Technical Data

* Other lengths, widths and global UVs are available on request.

RKW Group - e7 Hytibag Benefits

e7 BAG ALL® is the next generation of silage bags.
Manufactured with a diameter up to 14’ using the latest 7-layer
technology, the bags offer maximum storage capacity for grain,
silage and hot or wet industrial products.

RKW Group - e7 Hytibag Benefits

For safe and efficient storage of your harvest in a short time,
the e7 BAG ALL® is characterized by easy and flexible handling,
its premium quality ensuring consistent product performance.