Insight RKW – Year in Review 2023:

Mastering challenges and shaping the future together


Many successes, continuous investments in state-of-the-art technologies at our sites, improving the company's sustainability, and social engagement against the backdrop of global crises and a challenging market situation – 2023 was an eventful and exciting year. In this blog post, we have summarized our highlights of the year for you.

Employees: Together for success

Leadership change at the highest level

The year began and ended with significant changes in RKW’s management. In January, Corrado Piroli joined the management board as the new CFO, and in November, Eric Le Lay was appointed as the new CEO of the RKW Group by the supervisory board.

New generation of talents

This year, we have once again welcomed a new generation of talented young people who have decided to start an apprenticeship at RKW. These talents will help shape the future of our company and we look forward to accompanying them on their journey.

Special visit from CTO Marco Goetz

One highlight was the visit of our CTO Marco Goetz to the RKW site in Petersaurach. For three days, he worked at various stations in production to experience firsthand the contributions our employees make to production every day.

Sustainability: Taking responsibility for a better future

Commitment to science-based climate targets

As part of the Science Based Targets Initiative, RKW has committed to setting company-wide targets for reducing emissions in line with climate research.

New Sustainability Report 2022

In August, we released our new Sustainability Report, demonstrating our active commitment to a more sustainable future. We focus on innovative and sustainable products to optimize resource consumption and reduce negative environmental impacts.

Global employee engagement

Our RKW sites around the world took part in various sustainability campaigns, from waste collection campaigns to building insect hotels and recycling initiatives. Our commitment to a sustainable future was reflected in numerous concrete actions this year.

Employee engagement: Celebrating diversity

#EmbraceEquity on International Women's Day

Unter dem Motto #EmbraceEquity feierten unsere Mitarbeitenden am 8. März den Internationalen Frauentag. Wir bei RKW stehen dafür ein, dass Frauen eine unverzichtbare Rolle in der Gesellschaft und in der Arbeitswelt spielen, und wir sind stolz darauf, Teil einer Bewegung zu sein, die sich für die Gleichstellung von Frauen einsetzt.

On March 8, our employees celebrated International Women's Day under the motto #EmbraceEquity. At RKW, we are committed to ensuring that women play an irreplaceable role in society and in the workplace, and we are proud to be part of a movement that promotes equality for women.

Girls' and Boys' Day

Our sites in Michelstadt and Echte took part in Girls' and Boys' Day – a nationwide future day that gives schoolchildren the opportunity to explore professions traditionally dominated by either gender.

Pride Month

In June, RKW employees honored Pride Month and set an example for the rights and equality of all people, regardless of their origin and orientation. Together, we stand for tolerance, openness and mutual respect. #onerkw

Awards: Recognition for excellence and safety

Supplier of Excellence Award from Procter & Gamble

Our colleagues from the hygiene segment were delighted to receive the prestigious Supplier of Excellence Award from Procter & Gamble (P&G) this year. RKW received the award from P&G FemCare for our outstanding performance in the area of FemCare materials in 2022.

Sustainability Award for RKW Finland and Marvaco Oy

Our RKW Finland site and flexographic printing plate supplier Marvaco Oy were honored with the Sustainability Excellence Award at the FTA "Excellence in Flexography" competition in Columbus, USA. This award recognizes our commitment to sustainability and our innovative solutions to environmental challenges in the flexographic printing industry.

German Brand Award for #ExpandYourHorizon

At the German Brand Award 2023"Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation“, our Marketing Campaign #ExpandYourHorizon won in the category "Brand Communication 360° Campaign". The award recognizes our innovative product portfolio RKW Horizon® MDO PE films, which are polyethylene based, dedicated for laminate structures with sealing PE layers, creating fully recyclable mono-material solutions.

Safety Awards

The safety of our employees is our top priority. This year, various RKW sites received internal awards for their outstanding performance in occupational safety.


RKW can look back on a year full of challenges, successes and commitment. We are proud of what we have achieved and look forward to continuing to make a positive contribution and celebrate successes together with our employees, partners and customers!