The working world is in a constant state of change, shaped by various influencing factors. In this interview with our HR colleague Isabel, we take a look at the most important changes and how RKW is meeting these challenges.

What factors do you think have mainly influenced the change in the working world?

The change in the working world is being driven by various factors. One of the most important is demographic change. The baby boomers are retiring and fewer young people are joining their ranks. Added to this are the increasing demands due to digitalization and professionalization. Many professions today require different training than in the past because technology and the business world are constantly evolving.

Flexible working models and remote work are becoming increasingly important. How has RKW responded to this change, and what are the benefits and challenges for the company and its employees?

Flexibility in the workplace has become crucial for many employees and applicants. RKW has recognized that we need to keep pace with this development to remain attractive for talents. We have introduced flexible working models and remote work to meet the needs of our employees. However, for us as a company, this also means that we continuously work to maintain a strong team feeling and bond with the company – even when employees are not physically in the office.

Digitalization has led to increased use of artificial intelligence and automation. How can HR ensure that employees can evolve in this digital transformation and that their skills remain relevant?

HR plays a critical role in helping employees adapt to digital transformation. It is important that HR itself stays abreast of these issues. Artificial intelligence and automation may take over many "easy" jobs, but interpersonal communication and the ability to empathize with others are still critical.

Diversity and inclusion are important topics in the modern working world. How does RKW ensure that diversity is promoted and an inclusive working environment is created?

To promote diversity and inclusion at the hiring decision stage, we offer special training for our hiring managers. We raise their awareness of how to reduce the influence of personal bias in the application process to make fair and inclusive decisions. We strive to ensure that our workforce is as diverse as possible and that every employee feels welcome and accepted at RKW.