Multipliers for successful change in the company

Developing existing potential, giving talents a perspective and thus making the company fit for the future - that's what the RKW Talent Development Program is all about. Over a period of one and a half years, around 30 participants completed a comprehensive catalog of training courses developed jointly with the European Business School in Berlin. Always at the center: the RKW Group's five Leadership Standards - guidelines and orientation for all current and future managers.

Workshops, team projects, classroom events and mentoring - at RKW, the topic of promoting young talent has always been of great importance. As a privately owned company, the owners and board think in terms of generations, not quarterly reports. It goes without saying that this also includes the continuous promotion of the company's own junior staff. The Talent Development Program focuses consistently on (future) leaders. They are the multipliers for successful change in the company.

The first round of the Talent Program ended in September 2021 with a closing event in Berlin. Afterwards, we asked participants for feedback and their assessment: What role will what they have learned play in their future work?

Nils Vollmar, Head of Application & Infrastructure, Group IT: "Leadership has always played an important role for me, but after the Talent Program I gained a broader range of knowledge. This has enabled me to sort out the complexity around the topic. It helps me understand people better, resolve conflicts, take employees on a journey, and get the best out of myself and my colleagues."

Julia Küren, Quality Manager RKW Gronau & Halberstadt: "I think it's really good to offer such a program and thus provide employees with a perspective and prepare them for possible leadership positions. The whole program has also tried to close the circle to the RKW leadership guidelines."

Hans Rudelsberger, Head of QHSE, RKW Group: "My view of leadership has changed. We need more time to really lead and manage change - currently we manage change. That's a big difference from what we learned at ESCP Business School."

Matthias Krafczyck, Professional Business Intelligence, Group IT: "I think that adapting one's behavior to employees and situations is one of the core challenges, but also opportunities of modern leadership to ensure and foster readiness, engagement and motivation of employees."

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