Combining flexibility and success:

part-time work at RKW

In today's working world, more and more people are looking for flexible working models that allow them to align their professional and private commitments or interests. One popular option that is being used by a growing number of employees is part-time work. At RKW, we recognize the value of part-time work and enable our employees to work part-time wherever possible, without having to sacrifice career opportunities and personal development.

In this blog post, we talk to some colleagues about their part-time work and highlight the benefits and opportunities this work model offers.

Flexibility for work-life balance:

A key advantage of part-time work is the improved work-life balance, as employees can adjust their working hours to their individual needs. This allows parents, for example, to spend more time with their children.

"Thanks to part-time work, I can spend more time with my daughter and my family. I can watch my child grow up and still participate in professional life," explains Simone Kappelhoff, Business Partner HR at the RKW site in Gronau.

Reduced working hours also give employees more freedom to meet their personal needs. Whether it is caring for family, continuing education or working on personal projects, part-time work makes it possible to arrange personal working hours so that they are more compatible with life outside the office, which can lead to a better work-life balance.

"I have never regretted working "only" part-time. Work and family can be better combined and you are not so stressed after work when you still have a child, household and garden to look after. Working part-time also gave me the opportunity to support my (in-law) parents, who were in need of care, and to have more time for private things," reports Karin Orth, Professional Administration, Controlling at the RKW site in Michelstadt.

Part-time career opportunities:

Part-time work does not mean that career opportunities are limited. At RKW, even part-time employees have the chance to realize their full potential and develop professionally. Career growth at RKW is not tied to working hours, but to performance and commitment. Effective time planning and prioritization of tasks can help to use the available working time effectively.

“You have to be organized and able to prioritize your tasks very well – because it feels like you always have too little time when you work part-time. As a remedy, I always create "islands of time" for myself in which I can work undisturbed and concentrated. This works best in the home office. During these times, I can get things done that require a lot of precision," says Melanie Thurn, Specialist Legal Affairs, Group Treasury & Legal at RKW headquarters in Mannheim.

Collegiality and teamwork:

Working part-time at RKW does not mean being isolated or losing contact with colleagues. We place great value on a positive working environment and a culture of cooperation. Part-time employees have the same opportunities as their full-time colleagues to participate in projects, contribute ideas and play an active role in the team. Through regular communication and the use of modern technologies, we ensure that all employees are well connected and integrated into the company process.

"My colleagues are aware of my working hours and know that I am "only" available at these times and do not constantly read my e-mails. In case of emergencies, I am of course available," says Mareike Frech, Manager Communications at RKW headquarters in Mannheim.


Part-time work at RKW offers a wide range of opportunities to combine flexibility and professional success. Our employees can adjust their working hours to their individual needs without having to sacrifice career opportunities and personal development. The decision to work part-time is individual and should be carefully considered. For those thinking about this work model, our colleagues have the following advice:

"You should calculate whether the loss of salary, when switching from full-time to part-time, is manageable – also with regard to the payments into the pension fund. If so, go for it! Part-time work means a big gain in quality of life," advises Melanie Thurn.

"Just try it out. Of course, part-time also means less salary. It is important to set boundaries from the start and communicate them. Also, learn to say no. The fact that you no longer work full-time is a learning process for your colleagues, and you are often tempted to fall back into the "old" work routine, recommends Mareike Frech.

At RKW, we firmly believe that diversity and different working models contribute to a successful company. That is why we actively promote equal opportunities and create an environment in which all employees feel valued and respected.