New and innovative products, more sustainability and social commitment, but also challenges due to the Corona pandemic and global raw material shortages - 2021 was an eventful year. We have compiled the most important events surrounding the RKW Group in this year-in-review.

Mannheim has officially been the new home of our corporate headquarters since January 1, 2021. All Western European sites were converted to green electricity and RKW invested a six-figure sum in 25 energy-saving projects worldwide.

By signing the "Charter of Diversity", RKW sent a clear signal for diversity and appreciation within the company, exemplifying that the topic will continue to be a priority in the future.

At the end of March, we kicked off our new digital employee communications with our app ONERKW: A shared platform, accessible worldwide and also usable on private devices.

Sustainability Campaign 2021 & Global Team Run: 34,000 kilometers for a good cause

And we celebrated a second digital innovation this year: In the summer, we published our first digital sustainability report #welivesustainability based on the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals. As part of the sustainability campaign, the 19 sites around the world participated in numerous sustainability activities, such as trash collecting and participation in the RhineCleanUp.

Equally successful was the inaugural "Global Team Run", which started in July. In just eleven weeks, more than 140 employees worldwide jogged, biked, walked and inline skated an outstanding 34,000 kilometers for a good cause. With the Global Team Run, our employees lived the RKW motto "stronger together". The bottom line was that a record sum of 17,000 euros was donated to the non-profit organization Care-for-Rare.

Further development of the product portfolio for more sustainability

The RKW Group is committed to its responsibility as a plastics manufacturer and works continuously with its customers and partners to give plastics a sustainable perspective. Therefore, RKW invests year-round and worldwide in modernizations and innovations in favor of sustainable products and processes and increasingly focuses on both the use of recycled materials and the development of easily recyclable products.

This year, we enjoyed numerous internal successes and external awards: RKW Gronau received our internal Sustainability Award, and several plants received our Zero LTA Award, an internal award presented to sites that have completed at least one year without an LTA (Loss Time Accident). Congratulations to RKW Egypt, RKW Guangzhou, RKW Michelstadt, RKW Petersaurach, RKW Sweden, RKW Vietnam and RKW Wasserburg. The colleagues from Echte were also delighted to receive a customer award: we won the Tarmac Supplier Innovation Challenge for the "Net Zero Carbon Cement Bag" of the RKW ProVent product range.

#strongertogether: Together we are stronger
RKW has always been committed to its social responsibility: we supported those affected by the flood disaster in western Germany with our foil donations.

The global corona pandemic still has us firmly in its grip. In addition to strict COVID and hygiene rules at all sites worldwide and a comprehensive vaccination offer, RKW has joined the #ZusammenGegenCorona campaign. Together with 150 other companies, we are making a clear statement because every vaccination counts!

Together, we look back on an exciting 2021. We wish all customers, partners and employees a peaceful Christmas, relaxing holidays and a good start to the new year.