Stronger Together: RKW and its partners help flood victims

Corporate Sustainability

Mannheim (Germany), August 5, 2021 – More than 200 people lost their lives in the flood disaster in July 2021 in Germany, countless houses were washed out, swept away by the floods or severely damaged. The clean-up and reconstruction will take years - all the more important now that the affected families are helped quickly and unbureaucratically. The RKW Group has joined forces with its partners to deliver urgently needed materials to the affected regions.

"A disaster like this flood can only be overcome through a joint effort," says Harald Biederbick, CEO of the RKW Group. "Now more than ever, collaboration is needed - between authorities, companies, emergency services and volunteers on site." Following its internal motto "Stronger Together", RKW is therefore also relying on teamwork for flood victim relief. To this end, the internationally operating film manufacturer has worked together with Emil Deiss KG (Hamburg) and RENOLIT (Worms), among others.

Garbage bags for the clean-up work

Together with Emil Deiss KG, a Sund Group company, RKW has donated more than 200,000 large and resilient garbage bags to municipalities and districts in the flooded areas. The bags, which are manufactured at the Echte site, were delivered directly from the Deiss logistics centre in Hamburg to Erftstadt, Euskirchen and Koblenz ¬ where they are then distributed by the helpers on site.

The bags are not only used for the removal of rubbish and refuse, but also for the safe packaging of remaining items. Both the arrangement of the deliveries and the coordination on site went smoothly.

Robust films for Ahrweiler

Short-term help was also provided for the particularly hard-hit region around Ahrweiler. In order to protect the damaged houses and people's belongings from further rainfall, RENOLIT and RKW agreed on the delivery of 20 pallets of particularly thick and robust PE films. These are otherwise used in the agricultural sector and are therefore designed for high loads. Thanks to a joint effort by all parties involved, the material was transported from the Michelstadt plant to the flooded region within one day.

Commitment to social responsibility

The RKW Group has always been committed to its social responsibility. In addition to Flood Relief 2021, the company supports a large number of social projects and aid organisations as part of an annual donation initiative.

In June 2021, RKW also launched a "Global Team Run" for the Care for Rare Foundation. Until mid-September, the 3,000 employees worldwide will collect kilometres during their sporting activities, which will then be converted into a donation for the benefit of children with rare diseases.