RKW ProVent® for bulk materials - ultimate product protection, especially sustainable


Mannheim (Germany), September 15, 2021 – Sustainable because fully recyclable: RKW ProVent[®] is an innovative packaging solution for powdery goods that features reliable protection against moisture and high tear strength.

RKW ProVent® thus stands for reliable product protection and three times longer shelf life compared to conventional bags. The water vapor barrier is even 40 times more effective than paper-based packaging. The bottom line is more durability and fewer losses due to incorrect storage.

Above all, RKW ProVent® contributes to greater sustainability and resource conservation. Unlike non-recyclable paper bags made of composite materials, the innovative packaging solution consists of only one material, polyethylene. It can therefore be fully recycled. In addition, the RKW Group has been consistently reducing film thickness for years - another contribution to the most economical use of valuable natural resources.

In addition to the complete recyclability of ProVent®, the packaging can also be produced in a CO2-neutral manner if required. In addition, the proportion of recycled plastics in RKW ProVent® is currently increasing to up to 50 percent. To further improve the eco-balance of RKW's products, the company uses only electricity from renewable energy sources in Germany, France and Belgium. The other sites are also gradually being converted to green electricity. Products that, like ProVent®, can be recycled and are made from recycled materials will in future be marketed by RKW under the Ecore label.

Safe and fast processing

For many customers, high throughput with a reliably stable filling process is important, as Axel Ritz, Sales Manager Export & Industrial Customers Knauf Building Products, confirms: "We have rebuilt our machinery and wanted to take this opportunity to increase output. The ProVent® bag is supplied on a roll, it is possible to change bags more quickly, we can therefore produce much more flexibly and save storage space."

RKW ProVent® is already being used successfully in the construction materials, food and chemical industries - in other words, wherever moisture-sensitive bulk materials and powders are filled on an industrial scale. Since 2019, the main production site of RKW ProVent® - Echte - has been BRC-certified and thus the bags are approved for food contact.

The drastically better moisture barrier of RKW ProVent® compared to paper bags gives users many advantages: "Another great advantage is that, unlike normal paper sacks, filled plastic sacks such as the RKW ProVent® can also be stored outdoors. Even when stored in different climatic zones, the bags remain absolutely leak-proof; also in climatically challenging countries with high humidity, outdoor storage is not a problem," says Axel Ritz, Sales Manager Export & Industrial Customers Knauf Building Products.

Plastic packaging with reliable self-venting system

Packaging for powdery goods must master another challenge in addition to product protection and sustainability: powdery goods bind a lot of air, which leads to the formation of air bubbles over time. These air bubbles impair transport stability and often damage the packaging. RKW ProVent® has a reliable, integrated and patented self-venting system.

Plastic bags as a marketing tool

In addition to physical protection, one of the key functions of packaging is to influence end-user purchasing decisions and increase brand awareness through its eye-catching appearance. The younger generations of the RKW-ProVent® packaging line feature the Air Vent 2.0 system.

The system leaves plenty of room for branding opportunities because the vent system is fully integrated, making the front of the package completely seamless. As a result, the entire surface can be printed with up to eight colors. RKW ProVent® thus meets the high demands of brand manufacturers who do not want to compromise either design or print quality. "As a premium supplier, it is important to us that we offer a clean solution at the point of sale, in other words: that our products are robustly packaged and dust-tight. You can buy our bags in a suit without getting dirty. The printed image is also high-quality and our products come across as premium goods," says Axel Ritz from Knauf.

RKW ProVent® at a glance:

•         100% recyclable PE films

•         40% less packaging material

•         Very high moisture barrier - up to 40 times better than standard paper bags

•         UV protection

•         Excellent machinability and high filling speeds (up to 2,000 bags/h)

•         Tailor-made sustainable films (downgauging, high recycled plastic content, bio-based materials)

•         Flexible adaptation of additional functions such as Easy Carry, Easy Open, Easy Reclosable, Anti-Slip)

•         Environmentally friendly, climate neutral bags on request

•         Suitable for packaging hazardous materials

•         Suitable for packaging food