RKW at Fruit Logistica 2024

Agri Packaging

From cultivation to packaging and transportation, the right solution for every need

Mannheim, January 23, 2024 - RKW Group will be presenting its film and net solutions as well as nonwovens for the entire supply chain, from plant cultivation to packaging and transport, at Fruit Logistica in Berlin from February 7-9, 2024. Whether early harvesting films, nonwoven crop cover or greenhouse films: RKW has a wide range of products for the cultivation of plants. Packaging and transport solutions from RKW offer efficient packaging options for food and ensure that goods are effectively secured during transportation.

RKW early harvesting films – For optimum crop protection 

The wepelen® brand stands for reliable early harvesting films from RKW. wepelen® early harvesting films promote the growth of temperature-sensitive crops and ensure perfect protection - not only for early crops. wepelen® Climaplus is characterized by perfect thermal conditions. The special formulation reduces the temperature gradient between day and night and thus provides excellent growing conditions. wepelen® Climastretch impresses with maximum elasticity, contributes to healthy plant growth and is particularly suitable for high-growing crops. With wepelen® Climatec, RKW offers a high-performance early harvesting film for perfect crop protection. The high strength values make wepelen® Climatec a reliable companion for high crop yields. The portfolio of early harvesting films is rounded off by wepelen® Climatop, a film specially developed for the cultivation of tulips.

RKW HyJet® – The harvesting nonwoven with a special texture

The innovative nonwoven crop cover RKW HyJet® offers maximum reliability and flexibility compared to conventional nonwovens thanks to its special properties. Even in strong winds, RKW HyJet® lies evenly on the plants and minimizes wind damage. The excellent water distribution and optimum light and air permeability also support a favorable growing climate for the plants. RKW's nonwoven crop cover is very durable and can be reused for three to four seasons, depending on the application. This saves costs and protects the environment.

RKW greenhouse films – Advanced solutions for excellent results

Greenhouse films from RKW are characterized by their reliability and robustness, even under challenging conditions. They provide protection, ensure consistently high quality of the crop and support in controlling the timing of the harvest. This enables multiple harvests in just one year. With its portfolio of greenhouse films, RKW offers a wide range of products for growing a variety of crops in different regions.

RKW Easy Open Bags – Increase the efficiency and productivity of the packaging process

The tailor-made bags can be used specifically for the transportation and storage of food and beverages and are suitable for various packaging purposes such as boxes, crates or cartons. They can be processed both mechanically and manually. The prefabricated, individual bags allow hygienic and quick handling and increase the efficiency and productivity of the packaging process by opening the following bag when the one before is removed. The RKW Easy Open Bags are designed to fit perfectly into the specified box or crate size, providing maximum space and protecting products from damage or contamination. The bags are available in both transparent and colored versions and can be printed with up to eight colors.

MDO-PE laminating films – Innovative solution for sustainable packaging

The innovative portfolio of MDO-PE films is based on polyethylene and is designed for laminate structures with sealing PE layers, creating fully recyclable mono-material solutions. The product portfolio includes both highly transparent MDO films and print carriers, with oxygen barrier on request, as well as white opaque variants. RKW Horizon® is a 100% PE film with high transparency and high stiffness, dedicated as a printable outer layer in laminates with low SIT heat-sealable PE films. The film, which is mainly used for packaging confectionery, snacks, coffee, tea and frozen foods, but can also be used for packaging in the non-food sector, combines outstanding product properties such as high flexibility and rigidity as well as easy processing and printability. The MDO films can be used for a wide variety of packaging shapes such as stand-up pouches, side-folded bags, pillow bags and sachets or as lidding films.

RKW Fruit Pad – The sustainable packaging for berries and herbs

The new, fully recyclable and multi-layered RKW Fruit Pads are characterized by an innovative structure: moisture-absorbing nonwoven combined with very soft film. The multi-layered, adhesive-free structure provides optimum cushioning for the fruit as well as a dry and ventilated surface. When stored in a dry place between 2°C and 4°C, fruit stays fresh for up to 48 hours longer than with conventional alternatives. The RKW Fruit Pad also impresses in terms of sustainability: the extended shelf life ensures less product loss. What's more, the pads are 100% recyclable.

RKW shrink films – Resource-saving and efficient pallet protection

RKW shrink films are more stretchable than comparable film solutions, require at least 10 % less material and offer maximum safety for sensitive products such as jars or bottles. RKW's stretchable shrink films can be fitted precisely over the packaged goods and offer a numerous advantages: Perfect stability, less film overlap, no wrinkling as well as faster and stronger shrinkage with less energy consumption. 

RKW stretch hoods – The flexible and robust transport solution

Stretch hoods from RKW are the economical packaging solution for automatic packaging processes. Particularly heat-sensitive or sharp-edged goods can be securely packaged and even stored outdoors. Thanks to their extremely high tear and puncture resistance, they reliably withstand sharp edges and even high tare weights and are also suitable for the chemical and construction industries as well as white goods. The stretch hoods can be upgraded to withstand the effects of the weather and thus enable secure outdoor storage of packaged goods for up to 3 years. They are extremely reliable and stable, yet light and thin.

RKW pallet nets – Optimum protection for sensitive harvested goods

Fruit and vegetables as well as sensitive harvested goods can be transported safely with RKW's Rondotex® pallet nets. They combine maximum stability with continuous ventilation and thus maintain product freshness. With Rondotex® NET and Rondotex® ELASTIC pallet nets, RKW offers two optimum solutions for pallet packaging of fruit and vegetables as well as other sensitive harvested goods such as turf or alfalfa. The continuous ventilation prevents condensation effects and enables faster cooling. The goods can also be fumigated at any time without any problems. Rondotex® NET has an outstanding tensile strength of up to 750 N, Rondotex® ELASTIC enables fixation with a memory effect.

At the RKW stand B-21 in hall 3.1, you can explore our extensive range of film and net solutions as well as nonwovens, from plant cultivation to packaging and transportation. Our colleagues will be happy to advise you and find the right product for your needs.