RKW at Elmia Polymer 2024


Mannheim, April 16, 2024 - RKW Group will be presenting its extensive range of tailor-made masterbatches and compounds at this year's Elmia Polymer in Jönköping, Sweden, from May 14-17. Visitors to stand C02:02 will be able to gain an overview of the numerous areas of application for RKW's polyolefin-based compounds and masterbatches.

The largest trade fair in the Nordic region for the plastics and rubber industry - Elmia Polymer is one of six parallel trade fairs under the name Elmia Production Fairs. The fairs are all about plastics production, from products to machines and processes. 

The highlight on the RKW stand will be the highly filled and high-quality white masterbatches, which impress with a filling level of up to 80%. Not only does this mean that fewer other substances need to be added to the end product to ensure good coloration and thickening, but it also saves on transport and packaging costs for these substances. The use of masterbatches and the minerals they contain means that recycled plastic, for example, can be processed better and therefore more of it can be used. In addition, the masterbatches can be individually adapted to customer requirements or developed together with R&D and the customer. "It's all about improving the properties of the finished products, and this can be achieved by adding minerals," says Lars Östholm, Manager Sales Consumer Packaging & Industrial Films Northern Europe.

The RKW compounds are produced on a polyolefin basis and are filled with calcium carbonate (chalk, marble, etc.), talc or titanium dioxide. "These are natural minerals that are mainly sourced in Northern Europe," explains Linus Troedsson, Manager Sales Operations. "Adding minerals to plastics can change their properties. For example, the materials can become stiffer and more breathable, depending on the type of minerals added and the process used." The compounds can be used for a wide variety of products and industries: In the field of sewage pipes, for example, they have stiffening and sound-absorbing components. Plastics filled with minerals increase the thermal conductivity properties, which is reflected in better machine runability and therefore higher speed.

RKW uses the mineral-filled compounds to produce its own FPO packaging films, which feel like paper but have the positive properties of plastic films. They can be used as wrappers for packaging butter or as laminating film for packaging flour. "The special thing about our paper-like film for butter packaging is that it is a monofilm and does not require a laminate of different materials, as is the case with the conventional solution: paper covered with a thin plastic film and laminated with aluminum," says Linus Troedsson, explaining the advantage of FPO films for butter packaging.

The masterbatches, compounds and FPO films are produced at the Swedish RKW site RKW Sweden in Helsingborg. Customized compounds and masterbatches have been produced here for almost 40 years. 

Visitors to the trade fair stand will be able to see the high-quality masterbatches and compounds manufactured in Sweden for themselves. RKW colleagues will be happy to advise you and find the right product for your needs.