RKW as exhibitor at expoSE


Mannheim, September 13, 2023 - At this year's expoSE in Karlsruhe, Germany, on November 22 and 23, 2023, the RKW Group will present its horticultural product range at its booth H2-L05. Among them is the extremely tear-resistant nonwoven crop cover RKW HyJet®.

The RKW product portfolio for the horticulture sector includes early harvesting films, greenhouse films and the innovative nonwoven crop cover RKW HyJet®, which will be in focus at the RKW booth. Thanks to its special properties, RKW HyJet® offers maximum reliability and flexibility compared to conventional nonwovens. Even in strong winds, RKW HyJet® lies evenly on the plants and minimizes wind blast. The excellent water distribution and optimum light and air permeability also support a favorable growing climate for the plants. In addition, RKW HyJet® is very durable and can be reused for three to four seasons, depending on the application. This saves costs and protects the environment. The quality feature tear resistance has been confirmed by means of a verified test procedure by the Saxon Textile Research Institute (Sächsische Textilforschungsinstitut - STFI). 

RKW early harvesting films for optimum protection of the crop

The Wepelen® brand stands for reliable early harvesting films. Wepelen® early harvesting films promote the growth of temperature-sensitive crops and ensure perfect protection - not only for early crops. Wepelen® Climaplus is characterized by perfect thermal conditions. The special formulation reduces the temperature gradient between day and night, providing excellent growing conditions. Wepelen® Climastretch impresses with maximum elasticity, contributes to healthy plant growth and is particularly suitable for high-growing crops. With Wepelen® Climatec, RKW offers a high-performance early harvesting film for perfect crop protection. The high strength values make Wepelen® Climatec a safe companion for high crop yields. The portfolio of early harvesting films is rounded off by Wepelen® Climatop, a film specially developed for the cultivation of tulips.

Excellent results with advanced greenhouse films

RKW greenhouse films stand out for their reliability and robustness even under challenging conditions. They provide protection, ensure a consistently high quality of the crop and assist in controlling the timing of the harvest. Thus, they enable multiple harvests in just one year.

RKW's portfolio of greenhouse films offers a wide range of products for growing a wide variety of crops in different regions of the world.  

At the RKW booth H2-L05 you can see for yourself our wide range of nonwoven crop cover, early harvesting and greenhouse films. Our sales colleagues will be happy to advise you and find the right film for your needs.