Focus on sustainable agricultural films and nets


RKW at Agritechnica in Hannover (Germany) November 12-18, 2023, hall 25, stand A12

Mannheim, November 9, 2023 - Agritechnica 2023 will take place under the slogan "Green Productivity". The topic of sustainability is also very important to the RKW Group and is firmly anchored in our business mission: "With sustainable film solutions, we enable our customers to improve the daily life of consumers all over the world". This is also a decisive factor in RKW’s product development. The RKW Group will be exhibiting at its stand under the motto "Evolution in Green Farming. Together." to present its innovative and sustainable products for agriculture.

For many years, the RKW Group has focused on the development of particularly sustainable film and net solutions. RKW is aware that the demands on agriculture are complex with increasing tendency. The challenges that lie ahead can only be overcome if we all work together. With its agriculture and horticulture products, RKW therefore wants to help increase the productivity of users while protecting the environment.

The focus of this year's trade fair appearance will be on RKW's particularly sustainable agricultural products: Polydress® TWISTA Green and Rondotex® Wizard.

The innovative silage combi film Polydress® TWISTA Green offers double protection, as the silage and vacuum film are combined on one roll. Thanks to the patented 2in1 folding technology, both films can be laid out on the silo in a single step. This saves up to 50% working time, optimizes the placement of the films and avoids the risk of holes and tears when laying out the film. In addition, the film is manufactured with a high proportion of recycled material and can be 100% recycled. And packaging material is also saved.

Rondotex® Wizard is a round bale net of the latest generation, which is characterized by the patented "Mesh Magic Technology" with 33 warp threads. The unique mesh technology makes the round bale net extremely robust and perfect to handle. Compared to a standard net, 30% more round bales can be wrapped in the same time. In addition, approx. 15% material savings are achieved per bale. Furthermore, the net is highly UV and temperature resistant and does not lose stability even in the most demanding climatic conditions. Rondotex® Wizard also impresses with its optimum spreading behavior on all machines and is extremely tear-resistant. Rondotex® Wizard combines the best possible functionality with sustainability aspects: Material and time-saving as well as robust and safe, Rondotex® Wizard is one of our highlights at this year's trade fair stand.

Broad product portfolio for the agricultural sector

RKW offers customers from the agricultural sector an extensive range of products. RKW silage films offer farmers considerable advantages in terms of silage quality, work efficiency, cost savings and sustainability. "Both products for traditional applications with vacuum and silage film as well as innovative 2in1 solutions cover the entire range of different requirements in agriculture," explains Nico Landwehrjohann, Product Manager Agriculture.

RKW's silage portfolio is completed by film tubes. The stable Hytibag® film tube is suitable for the efficient and safe storage of grain, silage and warm or wet industrial products.

The Rondotex® round bale portfolio from the RKW Group is specially designed to meet the needs and challenges of modern agriculture. The round bale nets are offered in three different categories: Basic, Performance and Wizard. "The three clearly defined categories provide quick orientation: the Performance category already includes round bale nets with extremely high tear resistance, while Wizard is our premium product," continues Nico Landwehrjohann.

The Rondotex® product family also includes a net replacement film that can be used as an alternative to round bale nets for certain applications. The film is characterized by its high tear resistance and guarantees the compressed density and dimensional stability of the round bales so that they are optimally protected during transport and storage. Compared to alternative products, it offers high stability with low resource consumption and no adhesive additives are used.

In addition to silage films and tubes, as well as round bale nets and films, greenhouse and early harvesting films and nonwovens complete the product range for agriculture and horticulture.