Climate protection - not an option, but an obligation

Corporate Sustainability

Since the beginning of industrialization, greenhouse gas emissions have reached a level that, without drastic action, will lead to global catastrophe. At breathtaking speed, we are heading for a scenario in which extreme weather events could become the order of the day. The current severe weather disasters leave no doubt about this - they not only permanently alter our climate, but also bring great suffering and loss to people around the world.

A single person, or a single action, cannot change this situation? We think this attitude is wrong, because setting a good example can start a chain reaction. We at RKW are aware of man-made climate change and want to do our part to slow it down.

Down with CO2 emissions

As one of the most important measures to curb global warming, the RKW Group places a strong focus on reducing its own CO2 emissions - both in its production processes and in the overall carbon footprint of its products. To achieve this, we have been sourcing electricity exclusively from renewable sources at all our German sites since 2020, and as of this year, the three French plants and our plant in Belgium have also done so, with other European sites gradually being converted. In this way, by 2020 we have reduced the CO2 emissions caused by RKW worldwide by 40 percent within one year. That's 80,000 tons of CO2 less that would have contributed to climate change.

However, it is not only our sites that have made an impressive contribution, but also our colleagues. In the "Bike to Work" campaign, many of them gave up their cars between July and September 2020 and rode to work by bike. They covered a total of 29,000 kilometers by bike during this period. Through their efforts, over 7.5 tons of CO2 were avoided. Proof that everyone can contribute to reducing emissions - without having to drastically change their lifestyle forever.

Active colleagues for more sustainability

Reducing emissions is not the only thing we do. Every year, RKW runs a sustainability campaign from July to September - with interesting contributions and actions that contribute to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, there are numerous ideas and initiatives that our sites implement on their own to maintain a healthy ecosystem.

This starts, for example, at our Petersaurach site (Germany), where apprentices have planned and planted a meadow orchard in front of the plant gate on their own initiative. In turn, our teams at the Nordhorn, Gronau, Mannheim (all Germany) and Helsingborg (Sweden) sites have decided to rid the environment of plastic and other waste. The RKW site in Guangzhou (China) also achieved great things during an extensive environmental protection campaign. In addition, there are more and more actions to follow, read HERE.

At RKW, we are proud to have colleagues who care about their environment and are always actively engaged in climate and environmental protection. We are in the middle of a groundbreaking period that still can be turned into a positive one through cohesion and imagination.