Girls'Day 2024 in Wasserburg

On Thursday, April 27, our Bavarian site RKW Wasserburg opened its doors for Girls'Day 2024, a career orientation day for girls that takes place once a year. Six curious minds entered our production site to gain insight into the working world at RKW and gather their first practical experience.

The day's schedule was carefully planned to offer our guests a diverse and informative experience. After a warm welcome and a round of introductions, the girls received a safety briefing before being equipped with safety shoes and vests to explore our production site. A presentation about RKW and the different professions practiced at the Wasserburg site gave the girls an insight into the variety of opportunities in our company. They were also able to experience our work processes first-hand during a tour of the site.

A highlight of the day was the Monopoly game that our colleagues had prepared especially for the occasion. Using pictures and technical terms from our industry, the girls were able to playfully test and deepen their knowledge. They also received an introduction to the measuring devices and were able to learn how to use them properly. The material plastic was explored and the girls were given an insight into the commissioning of an extrusion line.

“Girls'Day is a great opportunity for us to give young girls an insight into the variety of professions at RKW Wasserburg. We hope that we were able to offer them an inspiring day that supports and motivates them in their career choices,” reports Dierk Kühn, HR Manager in Wasserburg.