The first day in a new job is always exciting and eventful - a new company, many unfamiliar faces and a range of new responsibilities and tasks await new employees. The Welcome Day @ RKW is designed to prepare new colleagues optimally for their new role at RKW.

At RKW, we not only want to give new employees a proper welcome, we also want to give them the input they need right from the start so that they feel comfortable and successful in their new role. That's why our HR department initiated the Welcome Day @ RKW, which will take place on a regular basis from now on.

At the one-day Welcome Day, new colleagues get to know the departments and teams and receive the most important information for a good start.

"With the Welcome Day, we want to give new colleagues the best possible start at RKW. With the event, we want to make sure that everyone knows the most important information and the right contacts," says organizer Felix Thome, HR Business Partner HQ.

The first Welcome Day took place at the beginning of March. Afterwards, we asked participants for feedback: What was their experience like?

Nils Becker, Manager Group Treasury: "Through the Welcome Day, one was given a very good overview of the entire company. The whole day was thoughtfully organized, which made it immensely easier to get started. Overall, a great way to start at RKW."

Rida Naji, Working Student Sales Performance Management Packaging & Industrial: "It was a great experience to get to know the RKW network, to meet future colleagues and to be warmly welcomed by all managers as well as employees. In fact, from day one, I felt like I was a part of RKW."

Sofia Dovzhanskaya, Working Student Purchasing: "The Welcome Day helped me to settle better into my new job and, above all, to get information beyond my own department. It was also helpful to be able to exchange ideas with other employees and to get into closer contact with them."

Kai Michalik, Professional HR Digitization: "The RKW Welcome Day presented a comprehensive and informative overview of the company's structure, processes and products, and at the same time offered the opportunity to get to know colleagues from various departments. In addition, there were ample opportunities to get acquainted with fellow newcomers in a relaxed atmosphere and to identify interfaces for future collaboration."

Anna Sattler, Working Student Group HR: "The Welcome Day gave a very good and informative introduction to the company as a whole. In general, it was well structured and the joint lunch break also promoted the exchange among the new colleagues. A good start at RKW."