Running for a good cause

Making life a little easier for people all over the world - that's what RKW is all about. Our mission: We contribute to more and better hygiene, to safe packaging solutions and to the protection of harvests. But our commitment goes beyond sustainable products: with the Global Team Run, the RKW Group supports the weakest of the weak - children with serious, sometimes incurable diseases.

Our goal is to make life a little easier for these children. To this end, we work together with the Care For Rare -Foundation - a non-profit foundation that supports hospitals, medical research and projects around the world.

An important focus of the work is individual case assistance in acute emergency situations. In addition, Care For Rare is committed to the further training of paediatricians and promotes worldwide research in the field of rare diseases and genetic defects. Last but not least, the foundation wants to raise public awareness of the fate of the "orphans of medicine".

In order to succeed, "Care For Rare" needs a lot of support. That is why RKW launched the Global Team Run on 1 July 2021 - an internal running series in which all 3000 colleagues can participate. How does the whole thing work? Quite simply with the help of an app in which the daily kilometres run are entered. Of course, cyclists, walkers and inline skaters can also take part - so more than 2,000 kilometres have already been covered in the first five days of the campaign. RKW donates a fixed amount to "Care for Rare" for each of them.

The Global Team Run ends in mid-September. By then, the colleagues want to have covered as much distance as possible - and thus helped as many children as possible.