Pride Month 2024

At RKW, we see diversity and inclusion as both a social and economic opportunity. We value and celebrate the diversity and diverse backgrounds of our employees and are convinced that heterogeneous teams increase productivity and foster innovative ideas within the company.

Over the past four weeks, we asked our colleagues various questions about EDI and Pride Month. You can read all the answers on our social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook and here is a selection of answers:


“For me, Pride Month means developing an awareness of marginalized groups in society and treating them with respect and acceptance.”

– Dennis, Apprentice Employee Maintenance at RKW Nordhorn


“As a young, dynamic and creative generation, we need to foster a more positive outlook on gender diversity in general, and specifically, on the presence of the LGBT community. It is crucial to promote awareness and educational initiatives regarding gender diversity, not just for ourselves but also for future generations. This way, we can sustain a culture of acceptance and celebration of diversity throughout the year.”

– Hang, Employee Operations Excellence at RKW Vietnam


“Let us integrate inclusivity into our daily actions, mirroring the collaborative spirit of working in cross-functional teams. Embracing diversity as a perpetual journey signifies our commitment to success through unity and teamwork. TOGETHER – we can make a difference! #MoveTheDot.”

– Klaus, Head of Value Excellence at RKW Mannheim


“Proper awareness and non-discrimination are what make diversity valuable in the workplace.”

Ngog, Employee Quality Control in RKW Vietnam


"Diversity at the workplace is valuable to me due to the cooperation with colleagues having a multicultural background, different ages and gender and various qualifications. Being open minded this diversity creates an added value to the business, promotes innovation and makes our company more successful."

– Hilde, Director Talent Management at RKW Mannheim


We set an example for an inclusive corporate culture in which all our employees are supported.