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RKW Introduces its Pioneering FPO® Packaging Film in North America

Frankenthal (Germany), August 09, 2018 - RKW brings its innovative packaging films based on filled polyolefin (FPO®) to the US and Canadian markets. The eco-friendly mono-material film makes for ideal wrapping for butter and other dairy products. Aluminum-free, FPO® provides effective barriers that offer the highest product protection. With outstanding printability and a pleasing, paper-like look and feel, RKW's FPO® targets the premium segment, including trending European-style butter.

Sensitive dairy products such as butter, margarine, and other high-quality spreads require packaging that keeps them safe from harmful influences. With filled polyolefin (FPO®) films, RKW now launches a more environmentally friendly packaging alternative to traditional packaging options. FPO® combines outstanding appearance at point-of-sale (POS) with maximum product safety. This is why it is perfectly suited for the needs of the dairy industry.

FPO® provides excellent barrier properties for butter and similar products. It is made from polymers and more than 50 percent mineral fillers. The clever combination of materials ensures that, correctly converted, the package protects sensitive products effectively from light, oxygen, and water vapor. And thanks to its high mineral filler content, less polyolefin is used compared to traditional packaging options. And so FPO® helps to save precious resources.

"Brands are looking for eco-friendly alternatives to package dairy products and similar foods like margarine with FPO®," says Stephen Ellis, Vice President Operations Industrial at RKW Group. "We designed FPO® to be resistant to water, fats, and light. It has a good dead fold, and compared to existing alternatives its puncture and tear resistance are very high. These capabilities make it the solution of choice for brands that want their product to reach consumers in pristine condition."

Communicate premium quality at the POS

High-quality dairy products are now trending. Annual butter consumption per capita in the US has increased by one pound during the last decade and reached 5.7 pounds in 2016, according to data from the US Department of Agriculture. A growing number of restaurants promote dishes made with real butter. Consumers look for premium options at the POS such as organically produced dairy products or European-style butter that has higher butterfat content and is favored for its rich taste.

“The premium segment is growing even more quickly than the rest of the market. And FPO® is ideal for producers that want premium packaging for their premium product,” says Stephen Ellis. “In addition to its protective properties, FPO® has an excellent printability and a paper-like feel. Both communicate a brand’s premium claim to consumers and allows the product to stand out at the POS.”

In Europe, FPO® is already a popular wrap for butter and other dairy products. Dairy producers can easily switch to FPO® without replacing their packaging machines. All substances in the formulation comply with the Code of Federal Regulation of the FDA and FPO® is manufactured with raw materials that comply with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

The applications for FPO® films go well beyond dairy packaging. Its sealability is suitable for the packaging of a variety of other foods. It has a weldable inner layer so that brands can use the material for pouches, bags or form-fill-and-seal solutions (FFS).

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