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RKW’s Three Dimensions of Sustainability

As a leading film manufacturer, RKW assumes responsibility for a habitable environment. Sustainability is therefore a key component in our corporate policy and business mission.

We live sustainability based on a three-fold approach: ecology, economy and society. These aspects govern our proactive behavior —driven by the commitment of a responsible and successful company. We are convinced that environmental protection, high economic performance and social accountability are inseparably connected.

Protecting natural resources
Reducing emissions
Avoiding waste by re-use and increased recyclability
Avoiding environmental pollution
Optimizing logistics
Solidly financed, privately-owned company
Reinvestment of profits in the company
Long-term, successful customer relationships
Quality and reliability as the basis of economic success
Creation and preservation of jobs
Reduction of raw material use, emissions and waste
Comprehensive company health and safety
Work safety well above the industry standard
Optimizing working conditions
Responsibility for our clients
Employee training and development
Leadership Excellence

Code of Conduct

RKW commits itself and all its employees to observe high ethical standards and to uphold all national and international laws.

These include:

  • Working conditions such as safety, working time and compensation
  • Anti-trust laws and fair competition
  • Prevention of bribery and corruption
  • Protecting and respecting copyrights, company property and other forms of intellectual property rights

RKW has adopted the GKV’s (General Association of the Plastics Processing Industry) Code of Conduct along with its corresponding certification.

This Code of Conduct clearly defines the principles and ethical values of the company, the legal requirements and fair and sustainable ethical standards.

The obligation to apply the same standards is also expected from RKW’s business partners.

Compliance with antitrust and competition legislation requirements
Compliance with antitrust and competition legislation requirements

Management Systems and Certifications

Our Sites have implemented various management systems and certifications according to the relevant national regulations. This includes, for example, environmental protection, energy management, quality management, work safety and health. Several of our Sites are also certified according to local regulations.