RKW is a privately owned company. We care for the next generations. For us, sustainability means assuming responsibility.






Social Accountability

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RKW Environmental Policy

RKW lives sustainability based on a three-fold approach: ecology, economy, and society. These aspects govern our proactive behavior – driven by the commitment of a responsible and successful company.


Practiced Sustainability -

Our products are used in all sorts of day-to-day products, from robust cement bags to ultra-thin diapers. All of them must be balanced against their usefulness and the potential effect of alternatives.

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Practiced Sustainability –

Film production is an energy-intensive industry. By utilizing continuous improvement programs, all RKW Sites steadily strive to reduce their energy consumption.


RKW Initiatives

Avoiding pollution, reducing our carbon footprint and increasing sustainability across the group—RKW invests in many projects to reach our high sustainability standards.


Sustainability is one of the biggest challenges of our time. In order to promote especially the very important subject recycling, we are organized in many partnerships.

RKW Group - Sustainability main banner

Product Stewardship

We are committed to the requirements of existing product safety regulations to ensure due transparency of the chemistry of our products, to increase awareness and thus, to create safe settings for customers, workers and the environment.