Agriculture and

Meeting the requirements of our customers is our first priority. With more than 60 years of experience in the manufacturing of excellent agricultural films and nets, RKW offers you a broad range of professional solutions. Supporting the circular economy, we put special emphasis both on saving resources and the recyclability of our products.


Excellence meets the high and challenging demands of the automotive industry leaders: For the automotive industry, our state-of-the-art technology guarantees high standards of purity and excellent mechanical properties of our nonwovens for seats, acoustics, car covers and interiors. Technical film solutions offer surface protection where needed.


Your product is a delight… Your packaging should be, too! From entire packaging solutions, to specialized printing, easy handling or eco-friendly options - we offer you films that are tailored to your needs. Our downgauged films improve the carbon footprint of finished products by less raw material consumption and reduced transportation efforts.

Chemicals &

Our wide product range for sensitive and sometimes hazardous goods includes patented self-venting FFS bags like RKW ProVent® from the RKW ECORE series which is 100% recycable and the sustainable alternative to paper bags. Thanks to our extensive production capacities and vast experience, we are able to realize dedicated customized developments in the shortest possible time.

Construction and

With RoofTopGuard® we provide a new generation of high-performance roof underlayments. For the building and construction industry, we offer packaging solutions for aggregates, cement and premixes. Our product portfolio also includes solutions for housing, for example, films and nonwovens for furniture and filtration.

Food and
Pet Food

Keeping freshness and flavor of your products at their peak - our films and packagings are especially designed to meet highest quality and hygiene standards. They optimize shelf life, increase end-user convenience and can be a real eye-catcher in the store. Our paper-like mono-material film FPO® is made with more than 50% natural minerals and enables to produce aluminum-free end products.


Helping you to keep your home clean, RKW offers household products including bags that can be used in the kitchen, laundry room, garage, or even for pet care. With our certified biodegradable star-sealed bag for organic household waste RKW offers a solution that is both convenient and compostable.

Hygiene and
Personal Care

RKW is one of the leading global manufacturers of films and nonwovens in the hygiene disposables markets. As a preferred partner of leading global brands, RKWs films and nonwovens provide reliable protection in personal hygiene products for all ages. With the continuous reduction of the film thickness we save resources, reduce waste and save costs.


You are searching for new ideas, help and sustainable solutions to be ahead of the competition? With our experienced teams, we help you to set new standards and to push the boundaries of what is possible across a diverse range of applications. Get in touch with us!


Whether for storage, transshipment, or transport – on our efficient shrink films, stretch hoods and pallet nets you can rely on. In wind and weather. The sustainable Think!Shrink solution for pallet packaging provides clear advantages over comparable products. It reduces energy consumption significantly and cuts material requirements by more than ten percent.