High Performing in Agriculture

RKW's silage films and bags not only stand for safe storage and preservation of harvested crops, but also for efficiency and sustainability. Modern extrusion technology and 7-layer systems ensure a well thought-out product concept with matching recipes consisting of high-quality raw materials and selected recyclates.

Our focus is on the continuous further development of our products and for years now also under the aspect of sustainability. The regular exchange with the end user helps us, together with our customers and the RKW research & development department, to optimally align the products to the needs of the users. Sustainable action is an important component and part of RKW's business mission: By using new raw materials (also on a bio-based basis), recyclates and our own pure production waste, we offer high-quality products. Properties such as high puncture resistance, tear strength, UV stability, gas density and thickness reduction are not only our strength, but also guarantee a healthy CO2 footprint.

As a film producer, we are aware of our special responsibility for environmentally friendly actions, which is why RKW is highly committed to recycling and take-back concepts. In Germany we are co-founder of the ERDE take-back system, support international concepts such as the APE collection system, and participate in projects for clean seas and beaches.

Furthermore, RKW agricultural films and bags are produced according to the requirements of EN standards (e.g. EN 13207 for silage applications), ISO certifications and TÜV standards, and can therefore be used without any problems, fed back into the recycling process and reprocessed.

Innovative, tailor-made product solutions with many advantages: easy handling, efficient results, safe disposal.

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