Occupational safety is our top priority

When it comes to the safety of our employees, we make no compromises. The safety of our employees is our top priority. We carry out root cause analyses to identify potential sources of danger and raise awareness of them and we conduct safety training. In addition, we are increasingly focusing on prevention through a large number of safety systems and have introduced key performance indicators to continuously evaluate and improve our measures.

Better Safe Than Sorry - this is our principle

Our clear overriding goal is Zero LTA - zero accidents. The topic of safety and the discussion of the necessary measures and rules of conduct is a leadership issue at RKW. The "Safety Behavior" initiative was launched to raise awareness of this issue throughout the entire organization: Processes and content for the so-called "Daily Safety Drill" and the cardinal rules for safety in the workplace are developed in workshops. Our Group-wide initiatives such as "Zero Cut" and "Zero Fire" contribute to further improvements in working conditions. And our Zero LTA Award recognizes sites that have not recorded a single LTA in a full year.

LTA Award

A large number of measures and instruments are in place to guarantee long-term workplace safety. They include safety training, alarm systems, root cause analyses, and the 5S workplace organization method. Optimized, new technologies support production in a number of ways, including temperature monitoring to prevent fires, noise reduction, dust and solvent extraction, as well as improving lifting equipment for heavy loads (e.g., 25 kilogram bags).

Safety KPIs are used in two ways to closely monitor and track all these aspects: firstly, by using lagging KPIs to count accidents, and secondly, by using leading KPIs to measure the effectiveness of the preventative measures in place.

In the Corona pandemic, we introduced very effective mechanisms in a short time to minimize the risk of infection at all sites. Regular status updates from the sites, workplace concepts, stricter hygiene rules, short escalation routes and a well-established task force team helped us get through the pandemic well from the start. Self-tests are available for our employees and, in cooperation with test centers and doctors, the option of one Corona test per week. We also offer vaccination services to employees at our German sites. And with our slides and donations, we have been able to support numerous social projects in the fight against the pandemic.

Detailed information on safety can be found in our new Sustainability Report