RKW's silage combi film – often copied, never equaled!

Polydress® O2 Barrier 2in1

40% lighter roll weight, up to 60% savings in material and disposal costs compared to standard cover variants, 50% less effort for logistics, storage and handling as well as 50% less packaging waste  – all this stands, thanks to high-tech know-how, for the silage film combination of RKW with Polydress® O2 Barrier 2in1. The product, consisting of a 20µm polyamide underlay film and an 80µm polyethylene silage film, also proves its worth in the results of high-quality silage, thanks to its formula and oxygen barrier.

For decades, the RKW Group with its Agricultural Division has stood for products with clear added value: they make the user's everyday life easier and improve the results. At the same time, the high demand for sustainability is taken into account, as RKW has succeeded in producing the underlay film with a share of 38% from renewable raw materials.

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