Reduction of CO2 emissions

Global warming is the biggest ecological challenge facing our planet – and reducing CO2 emissions  one of the most important measures to stop this process as far as possible. That´s why we have a strong focus on reducing the CO2 emissions of our production processes and the overall carbon footprint of our products.

The RKW Group is continuously making efforts to balance its greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and to reduce them in its area of responsibility.

This is done in various ways:

  • We promote the development of sustainable products with low environmental impact. The raw materials of typical extrusion products, for example, account for the largest share of total CO2 emissions, which we counteract by saving materials via downgauging (thickness reduction). This reduces storage space, transport-related CO2 emissions and energy consumption during the production process.
  • Various programs to reduce CO2 emissions have been established at the production sites. These include the evaluation of the entire product life cycle – from raw materials to production, packaging, distribution, implementation and disposal – for factors that impact the environment, such as CO2
  • Since 2018, several projects have focused on illumination systems and insulation, for example replacing existing lights with the latest LED technology.
  • Investments in new and energy-efficient extrusion lines allow an increased use of post-consumer recyclates in addition to other regranulates. Thanks to high-end technology, the film products manufactured not only show excellent quality compared to films made from virgin plastics, but are also produced with a reduced amount of electrical energy.

RKW invests in activities that combine efficiency with sustainability and have as little impact on the environment as possible – all with the aim of continuing on the path of CO2 reduction.