RKW Wasserburg donates to three organizations

In 2021, the RKW Wasserburg site once again supports three organizations: the "Wasserburger Wunschbaum", the Deutsche MS-Konaktgruppe Wasserburg and the Verein Radeln und helfen e.V. (Cycling and Helping Association).

The Wasserburg Wish Tree is a tree on which children can hang their wishes. Namely, children from economically struggling families. And there are an alarming number of them in and around Wasserburg. With the donation from RKW Wasserburg, at least some wishes could be fulfilled. The Wasserburg Wish Tree is financed solely by donations.

Deutsche MS-Kontaktgruppe Wasserburg - A self-help group with monthly meetings and excursions for those affected in the town and country of Wasserburg.

Radeln und helfen e.V. - The goal of the organization is to "help as many children as possible"! For every kilometer, money is collected to support disadvantaged, handicapped and otherwise needy children.