Ecovadis certificates for six RKW production sites

Nowadays, a sustainable value-added chain is just as much a success factor for a company as a well-thought-out product design, high-quality raw materials or attractive pricing. In particular, larger companies and manufacturers of branded products for end consumers are increasingly making their procurement from suppliers dependent on certificates verifying the use of sustainable processes. One more reason why sustainability is a key component of the corporate policy and business mission at RKW. Six production sites have therefore been certified by Ecovadis, an internationally recognized provider of sustainability ratings based in Paris.

In Europe, these are the Echte, Nordhorn, Petersaurach (Germany), Castelletta, Saints Frères Emballages (France) and Pori (Finland) sites. Their collective performance is extremely gratifying: The results achieved by all participants over the last twelve months rank among the top flight of evaluated companies.

The evaluations by Ecovadis are based on international sustainability standards including the Global Compact of the United Nations. They cover the fields of the environment, labor and human rights, ethics as well as sustainable procurement. The results are then combined to create a “scorecard”. “It highlights the strengths and scope for improvement so that the participants can selectively improve their performance,” says Lea Weiteder, Manager R&D and Sustainability, who coordinates group-wide activities in this field.

Regular audits since 2015

Since the scorecard is only valid for one year, the evaluations must be repeated annually. Consequently, the work involved for the companies is not inconsiderable, although this is not uncharted territory for RKW: Individual business units have been audited on a regular basis since 2015. Since virtually all enterprises in the industry now work on this topic, both the questionnaire and the requirements are becoming increasingly complex from year to year. For this reason, Lea Weiteder offers assistance across all locations: “Since our business units have to meet different requirements depending on their product portfolios, it is not possible to standardize evaluations across the group. With this in mind, we try to use centralized support to reduce the ever-increasing workload.”