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Fast, Easy and Intuitive: RKW’s New ProVent® BestDesign Tool

Frankenthal (Germany), February 15, 2018 – With over 400 million units sold, RKW ProVent® is the world’s top-selling self-venting plastic bag. And it may soon set new standards in terms of rapid and simple design: on February 19th, RKW will roll out ProVent® BestDesign, the first-ever online configurator for plastic packaging solutions. The digital design tool for RKW ProVent® allows customers to individually tailor their own packaging. BestDesign represents the first digital solution in RKW’s portfolio of RKW ProVent® services, first introduced in 2017.

When it comes to cost-effectiveness, sustainability and an eye-catching appearance, the best-selling RKW ProVent® is a true all-rounder: as a polymer-based alternative to conventional paper packaging, it offers reliable protection for powdery goods in the building materials, food and chemical industries. In addition, its highly effective water barrier makes it possible to safely store moisture-sensitive products like cement, plaster and mortar outdoors. Lastly, its high print quality makes RKW ProVent® an effective marketing tool.

And that’s precisely where the new online configurator RKW ProVent® BestDesign comes in: “The tool is the next logical step in expanding our portfolio of services. In communications with our customers, the configurator offers us an additional way to quickly and easily convey the advantages of the RKW ProVent®,” explains Marko Schoke, Head of Sales Sack Packaging at RKW in Echte. For example, in sales talks, BestDesign can be used to define, visualize and discuss the customer’s preferred design on-site. Furthermore, customers can use the configurator to try out ideas for new designs on their own at any time – before or after talks with our sales representatives, or in the course of their day-to-day business. The range of services for RKW ProVent® was introduced in 2017 under the name RKW ProVent® BestServices: divided into four main components, the services range from initial consulting, packaging design and plant configuration to optimizing filling processes.

Seamless expansion of the service portfolio

The addition of the online configurator represents another important module: “The tool is a perfect fit for our BestServices package, providing our customers a digital solution that enables them to individually design their own RKW ProVent® packaging online,” stresses Johannes Heintges, General Manager of RKW’s Echte site. And all it takes is a few mouse-clicks: the web application, which can be downloaded from the RKW website, is compatible with all standard browsers and allows users to create three-dimensional designs for the three RKW ProVent® categories Classic, Advanced and Flex. To help them do so, the configurator offers not only finished templates, but also a broad range of functions, e.g. the option of uploading logos, inserting their own text and images, as well as defining the colors.

RKW can subsequently use the data saved in the configurator for further processing, as BestDesign was tailor-made for RKW’s specific production conditions. Accordingly, the tool won’t accept any dimensions that the company doesn’t produce. In addition, the 3D design makes it easier for RKW to create 2D print layouts. “This saves both us and our customers a great deal of time, and helps us manufacture the RKW ProVent® more efficiently.”

Using the configurator doesn’t require any previous background in graphics: thanks to the simple and straightforward interface, anyone can use the tool. Furthermore, RKW ProVent® BestDesign has proven to be a flexible sales aid in face-to-face talks: thanks to the impressive visualizations, current and potential customers can immediately get a first impression of what their packaging could look like – and can easily make any desired changes to the template.

The RKW Group

The RKW Group is an independent, family-owned company headquartered in Frankenthal, Germany and one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of excellent film solutions. RKW is the market leader in the areas of hygiene and agricultural films, films for the beverage industry and packaging for powdery goods. In addition, the company makes films and nonwovens for medical applications, for the chemical and converting industries as well as for the construction sector. RKW’s sustainable films enable its customers to improve the daily life of consumers all over the world.

In the fiscal year 2018, RKW generated total sales of EUR 878 million. About 3,000 employees process 367,000 tonnes of plastic materials at 20 locations around the world. True to the corporate slogan “When excellence matters”, the company, which was founded in 1957, offers outstanding performance in terms of quality and service. Respect and reliability are the core values of RKW and form the basis of the company’s success.

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