RKW Agri in Michelstadt donates to two local organizations

Also this year the site RKW Agri in Michelstadt donates again. Two organizations were chosen as recipients of the donation: the Michelstadt Voluntary Fire Brigade and the Odenwald Association for Children with Cancer.

The Michelstadt Voluntary Fire Brigade (Freiwillige Feuerwehr Michelstadt) offers all age groups the opportunity to get involved. Already the small ones from 6 years learn in the mini fire department what fire is, and how to make an emergency call. In the youth fire department, operational techniques are rehearsed and operations are played through.

The association for children suffering from cancer (Verein für Krebskranke Kinder Odenwald) wants to make the time of treatment as pleasant as possible for the little patients and organizes music therapies and clown visits, advises affected families and provides financial support. After the therapy, the former children and adolescents are also cared for and supported.