Protecting the environment brings us together

"Protecting the environment is what brings us all together around the world" are our colleagues from RKW Guangzhou in China convinced. Just like so many other sites, the Chinese colleagues took action during our RKW sustainability summer campaign.

Awareness and personal responsibility were the focus of the extensive environmental protection campaign of the Chinese colleagues around Guangzhou's Site Director Eddie Chong. In several stages, they looked at how resources can be used more sparingly and carefully at the workplace – for example, electricity. The zero-pellet-loss initiative was also presented in a workshop.

The four-stage waste separation system of the community was brought to the attention of the participants and it was shown how useful and value-adding recyclable materials can be recycled if they have been collected and sorted correctly beforehand. A collection box for batteries is now available in the canteen.

Finally, various external initiatives took an active role in environmental protection, such as the hiking association that collected garbage during a joint excursion into the mountains. The dancing association sorted garbage, made little toys out of tin cans and cardboard and took them to the garbage collection containers on a joint bicycle tour, while the badminton and basketball associations devoted themselves to food waste and sharpened their understanding of how to handle food more economically and carefully.

An extensive and all-round successful campaign, which will certainly have an effect for a long time to come.