RKW Group - January 15

Vacuum- and Sidewall Films for Optimal Silo Coverage

Frankenthal (Germany), January 15, 2019 - Following the restructuration of its silage films portfolio in 2017, RKW has once again expanded its new Polydress®line: vacuum- and sidewall films are now produced in a new design. In the future, the company will offer the films produced at the Michelstadt site in the categories Polydress® Classic and Performance. The previous qualities will thus be completely replaced. The expanded portfolio's consistent design offers farmers significant added value in terms of work efficiency and silage quality, covering the full range from sustainability to cost-saving needs in agriculture.

With its uniform packaging and revised composition, the newly categorized vacuum and side wall films Polydress®SiloClassics and the vacuum films Polydress® SiloPro will complete the RKW Group's silage portfolio. Hence the system supplier for special film solutions complements its extensive range of silo films. "With the clear categorization of our Polydress® line, which now also applies to vacuum and sidewall films, we specifically address the different needs and requirements of our customers," explains Stefan Kwiatkista, Sales Director Agriculture "Thanks to the packaging's clear design and easily understandable pictograms and QR codes, we also offer retailers and end users a simplified orientation within our range of films and facilitate their purchase decisions."

Highest quality, maximum efficiency

RKW offers a broad portfolio of vacuum films in the Performance category: The transparent, blue and green Polydress®SiloPro 40 vacuum films with widths of six to twenty meters are available in lengths of 50, 200 and 400 meters and characterized by high mechanical tensile strength and tear resistance.

The Classic category will prospectively include the transparent vacuum film Polydress® SiloClassic 40 with black outer packaging, which is suitable for standard applications and provides for adequate protection. The Classic variant is also available with widths of six to twenty meters and running lengths of 50, 200 and 400 meters. The Classic category is complemented by the black side wall film Polydress® SiloClassics 120, which is two to six meters wide and has a running length of 50 meters.

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The RKW Group

The RKW Group is an independent, family-owned company headquartered in Frankenthal, Germany and one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of excellent film solutions. RKW is the market leader in the areas of hygiene and agricultural films, films for the beverage industry and packaging for powdery goods. In addition, the company makes films and nonwovens for medical applications, for the chemical and converting industries as well as for the construction sector. RKW’s sustainable films enable its customers to improve the daily life of consumers all over the world.

In the fiscal year 2018, RKW generated total sales of EUR 878 million. About 3,000 employees process 367,000 tonnes of plastic materials at 20 locations around the world. True to the corporate slogan “When excellence matters”, the company, which was founded in 1957, offers outstanding performance in terms of quality and service. Respect and reliability are the core values of RKW and form the basis of the company’s success.

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