RKW Group - June 28 2019

RKW develops high-performance films for the medical sector
Committed to healthcare

From infection prevention to individual wound care, RKW contributes to the field of medical care with its high-performance film based solutions. Talented individuals have the opportunity to work in many different areas.

Individual sticking plasters and bandage tapes

RKW is renowned in the hygiene and medical industry as a global market leader in the area of films and laminates for personal care. Yet the portfolio of the family-run company is much broader. For instance, RKW is also highly successful as an innovator in the field of films for wound care. The RKW brand Medifol® features a wide range of embossed films and laminates for single-use plasters. These top products provide an effective barrier against liquids and offer comfort, flexibility, and where necessary, breathability so that wounds can be covered and protected safely.

If you would like to play a part in developing such important products, convince us with your application!

Single-use drapes and gowns used in and around the operating theatre

RKW is a market leader in film-based solutions for surgical drapes and gowns. High-performance films and laminates go towards protecting medical staff, carers and patients from cross-infection during surgery. The Medicace® product range not only provides a complete liquid and bacteria barrier to infection, but it is also provides tailor made laminates to protect work tables and cameras around the operating theatre. To complement the specialist range, RKW offers a variety of solutions for surgical gowns and patient-wear that offer high barrier properties and comfort levels.

Did you know …

… that RKW is present at important medical fairs and sponsors innovative development conferences such as the first international gathering on the subject of breathable films?