The sustainable alternative to paper bags


RKW ECORE® Sustainable Film Solutions

Our mission at RKW is to provide our customers with sustainable film solutions that enable them to improve the daily lives of consumers all over the world.

Under the brand RKW ECORE® we highlight all products with a strong sustainable focus, like the RKW ProVent®.


RKW ECORE® stands for


Climate-friendly CO2 neutral formulation possible

The standard production of RKW ProVent® consumes 14% less energy than paper sacks. Just 20% of the typical amount of waste water and water pollution is produced.

Now, completely CO2-neutral production is also possible. Through the use of resin produced from sugarcane-based ethanol. We have developed a formulation for RKW ProVent® that contains green polymers (from sugarcane). The green polymer acts as a CO2 absorber, making the bags climate neutral.


Environmental protection starts with product protection

Building materials, chemicals, construction chemicals or food are produced consuming large amounts of energy and emitting significant quantities of CO2. Manufacturing 25 kg of cement, for example, releases 14 kg of CO2.

Every undamaged sack helps to protect our environment. With only 10% less product losses compared to paper sacks, RKW ProVent® would e.g. save 1.4 kg CO2 per cement bag.

RKW ProVent is the world’s first plastic bag with an integrated venting system. With a moisture barrier  that is up to 40 times better than paper sacks, it is ensures that no air dust, dirt or moisture from outside can damage the goods.

Combined with best UV stability, this provides an extended shelf life.

Unbeatable features


100% recyclable

RKW ProVent® is completely recyclable and today already fulfills the highest future requirements. Unlike many other solutions, no composites are used. Recycling is therefore much easier, more efficient and requires 90% less energy than other packaging solutions.


40% less packaging material

By reducing the film thickness (downgauging), our sustainable film solution RKW ProVent® limits the use of resources to the necessary minimum and, at the same time, has one of the lowest packaging weights. This saves resources, reduces storage, transportation and recycling costs and leads to lower energy consumption.


Bio PE or recycled content

The environmental compatibility of the RKW ProVent® can be further increased by using Bio PE or recycled content.