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Packaging redefined for moisture-sensitive and powdery goods

Around 15 years ago, RKW developed the RKW ProVent® plastic sack and set a completely new industry standard for the packaging of powdery and moisture-sensitive goods. The RKW Group was the world‘s first film manufacturer to develop a genuine alternative to conventional paper sacks. The innovation: An integrated venting system ensures that no dust, dirt or moisture can penetrate from the outside, and the only thing to escape is what should escape: air.

RKW has continuously developed this technological edge. The RKW ProVent® product family is today the top-selling solution for the packaging and marketing of powdery goods in the building materials, construction chemicals, chemical and food industries.

Customized to your needs

RKW ProVent® Advanced

The premium solution for the high demands of brand manufacturers. A new, fully integrated venting system now allows no-compromise print design thanks to its seamless front. For a convincing brand presence at the point of sale.

Strong brand presence without compromise

RKW ProVent® Classic

Proven over more than 10 years, this solution features the well-known venting system. It offers superior print quality and reliable product protection combined with an attractive appearance.

Superior quality with appeal.

RKW ProVent® Flex

Flexible to the fullest: With a continuous print image and the flexible venting concept, sacks of different lengths can be produced in one production run. Efficiency that shows for every size.

One size fits most

Self venting industrial sack with optimum performance and efficiency

  • Material: 100% recyclable polyethylene
  • Applications: Flexible packaging
  • Products: Industrial bags
  • EU standard: 2020
  • BRC certified
  • Suitable for the packaging of hazardous materials


  • Chemical: Lignin, Ammonium Chloride
  • Construction: Cement, Mortar Mix, Plaster
  • Gypsum, Tile Adhesive, Self-Leveling Floor
  • Food: Citric Acid, Soy Protein, Farine, Milk Powder
  • And many more...

Resistant to weather, shock, burst and tear

RKW ProVent® is characterized by its outstanding cost efficiency due, for example, to excellent machine runability and high filling speeds (up to 2,000 sacks/h). Another significant contribution to efficiency is the extension – and even the doubling – of storage life for bulk goods.

Thanks to further development of the technology, the RKW ProVent® can now also be produced with 5 film layers, resulting in even higher product performance - in particular, even higher impact resistance as well as up to 40 times better moisture barrier.


Flexible and adaptable to your requirements
Availabe add-ons



Improved sealing seam for highly contaminated weld areas



Additional longitudinal seam to protect particularly fine powder



Enhanced water barrier for particularly hydrophilic goods



Additional coating for a highly effective non-slip surface



Thinner films for lower packaging costs


1c Flexo Printing

Cost-efficient one-color printing


Easy Reclose

Allows opened sacks to be resealed


Easy Carry

Integrated carrying handle for convenient transportation


Easy Open

Easy to open without a knife or scissors


10c Flexo Printing

High-quality printing for effective advertising


Recycled Material

Film with recycled content


Green PE

Resin made from sugarcane-based ethanol