RKW Group participates in the "Zero Pellet Loss" initiative
Successful implementation at all production sites

Plastics make our lives easier – keeping food fresh for longer, making household work easier and offering reliable protection in hygiene and care products. By consistently reducing the amount of material used, recycling and using renewable raw materials, RKW is working to give plastics an ecological perspective. In doing so, we assume responsibility for generations to come.

Over the past 30 years, plastic packaging has become up to 42 percent lighter and thus more environmentally friendly. Nowadays, plastic waste accounts for only around 1 percent of the total amount of waste in an average household. However, we are not satisfied with that: Together with other companies, RKW has joined the "Zero Pellet Loss" initiative founded by the German Chemical Industry Association and PlasticsEurope. In this way, we are making a measurable contribution to protecting the environment, especially our oceans.

The aim of the project is to minimize the loss of plastic pellets along the entire value chain as far as possible. Although these only account for a comparatively small proportion of marine pollution, they are a particular threat to seabirds and marine animals.

For this reason, all RKW sites are certified within the framework of the "Zero Pellet Loss" project. The measures implemented on site include regular safety audits, staff training and clearly legible signs in the production areas. In the unlikely event of granulate loss, cleaning tools are easily accessible and collection or disposal points are set up accordingly. Specifically, sieves have been installed on rainwater drains to prevent pellets from entering the environment. The continuous cleaning of the production sites and the recycling of soiled granulate complete the measures.